i just really wanted to draw this because 1. a lot of these really fit their characters 2. because of the 1000 follower milestone (which was a while ago but better late then never. you cant tell me what to do. i do what i want) aND 3. becaUSE ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN. MERRY HALLOWEEN MY TAINTED SINLORDS LET US NOW FROLLICK IN THE FIELDS OF SKELETAL SPOOPINESS AND HAVE A GAY OLD TIME

based off this post: http://ciphord.tumblr.com/post/130480222513/signs-in-a-haunted-house


@hellobeau let me sprite their AMAZING homestuck girl designs. I had so much fun! ou guys really need to check out their blog. It’s a personal favorite. Sprites are below.


ALL OR NOTHIN !!!! officially did all six female beta trolls !! (some of these are getting old, last two are most recent) 

TAG YOUR FAVES ! i wanna know ;-)