Equius and NepBot
  • Equius and NepBot
  • CyrusBlue & Rina-Chan

“Equius finished the final touches on the nepbot, wiping his hands on his jeans as he stepped back to admire his work. It looked just like her. And all the other ones you tried to make, but they weren’t her. They just weren’t. Equius was anxious as he stared at the robot. He was about to give up when finally the red eyes lit up, sparking hope and happiness in the blue blood.”

So… I came across a Sadstuck post and I just had to try and dub it. o3o
Nep Eq is seriously one of my favourite pairings in the comic. Thanks for helping me with this, Rina. ^^

I was Equius

Rina-chan was Nepeta.

Songs were “Eternal Hope” and “Heartbreaking” by Kevin MacLeod.

Original Post. (The story itself was written by willietheoctopus, but the exact post isn’t found on his tumblr for some reason.)

because why not!

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a quick note to these people: thank you for being amazing, incredible inspirations to me. i love you all so so much <3


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and a quick message to everyone else tagged: wow okay A+ blog like damn. thanks for being a wonderful artist/cosplayer/person!! id totally love to talk to you n be friends (like woa) but yea!!

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