Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 


The moths weren’t even the reason I was visiting this friend of mine. 
He lives next to a rubber plantation, and with the start of the monsoon season, all sorts of animals have been making their way into his home. Snakes, centipedes, and scorpions being some of the most frequent guests seeking shelter from the rains. 
I visited him with the goal of taking home a scorpion! And oh my god, there were so many of them. 

This lad is a juvenile asian forest scorpion whom I have named Damocles..! 
(Or…Jeffy, for short.) 
From what I read, they’re quite a feisty species compared to others like the emperor scorpion. They’re keen on using their pointy end when stressed–but their venom is mild, with similar effects to a bee sting.
I don’t like any kind of sting, so this good boy won’t be seeing any disrespect from me. I’ve never even seen a scorpion in the flesh until just a few days ago–and so I’m very keen to observe and learn more about these gorgeous, specially honed animals.