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And the WINNER of this week's Theme Night is...


Get your affairs in order, folks - the B Team has been defeated.

Tonight  belongs to the Bad Guys…

[Watch the Soul Eater tag tonight for the Bad Guys Theme Night, featuring the enemies of the DWMA! Remember, only part of it will be in the Soul Eater tag - follow daddiesofsouleater for the full experience!]

[Thank you to all who voted! The B Team may have lost this battle, but they’ll be back for next week’s theme theme night!]

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Theme Night is Back! What'll it be this week?

Okay, collapsed ceiling is dealt with, no headache, burn is healing, and I’m not quite so busy and people - we are long overdue for a theme night

This weeks theme night contenders are The B Team vs. The Bad Guys

Who will claim this weekend’s theme night for their own? You decide!

Cast your votes! You don’t have to be a follower to participate!

Whichever theme gets the most votes will get to be the stars of their own theme night on Saturday evening, and the other theme will get the spotlight in next week’s theme night.

Will good triumph over evil, or will it be a victory for villainy?

A) The Bad Guys - theme night featuring the enemies of the DWMA, from Arachnophobia to Asura and every fiendish foe in between.

B) The B Team - theme night featuring the lesser seen Part 2 of the spunky Spartoi squad - the three meisters Kim, Kilik, and Ox, and their weapon partners Jackie, twins Fire and Thunder, and Harvar respectively.

Whose side are YOU on?

Fandomwide Advisory: October Brings Threat of Witch Takeover

Witching Hour is said to be the period of time during which ghosts, demons, witches, and other supernatural things are most likely to manifest. It is said that a witch’s black magic is strongest and most effective during this period of time.

October is a big month for the witches - they will be even stronger than usual.

According to intel, the witches  may be planning to use their increased power to take control and cause as much mischief as they can - they will revel in the limelight by going on posting sprees, blogging their selfies and mocking all who oppose them. They want to make the entire month of October their unending Bewitching Bad Girls Theme Night.

The DWMA will do its utmost to keep them from taking over this blog, and we will try to carry on with normal blogging activity, but during Witching Hour, when they will be at their strongest, well…it may be beyond the control of even the DWMA.

Some say the Witching Hour is at midnight, some say 3 am, and some deem Witching Hour to take place anytime between midnight and 4 am - if they do manage to take control, the blog is theirs for the hour. After an hour has passed, however, their power should be drained enough for the DWMA to regain control once more. We ask for your patience as we do our best to combat this threat.

A Witch Watch will be in effect through the month of October, which will be displayed on the daddiesofsouleater main page at the start of the month.

The DWMA urges the fandom to stay calm, be watchful, and continue blogging normally.

[Daddiesofsouleater hopes you will enjoy this Witching Hour special event, four months in the making, throughout the month of October, and invites any blog to play along by adding their own Witch Watch to their blog, or by submitting comments and questions or threats and mockery made in good fun if you happen to be a Soul Eater witch RP blog via ask box]

[Witch/magic jokes and puns are also accepted]