First Meeting || Puckleberry

Puck liked riling up that Berry girl. She reacted to every little thing he said and he knew that he’d have fun making her do things that she thought she didn’t want. But her body would probably love everything he did. Slowly, he made his way over to the holdings to pick her up after having requested her for seven days. Puck knew that Marley had been the last one to rquest her and that she hadn’t liked it very much and that meant that she probably wouldn’t like very much what he would do to her. On a certain level he could understand her reluctance to do something that went against everything she thought appropriate. She’d have to understand, though, that the world had changed and there was nothing she could do to change her role in the new world order.

He could see the holdings and was glad that he didn’t need to stay there. The privilege of privacy he had was amazing even though the building he had chosen was not the best. It had only taken a bit of work to make it possible to live there and Puck was sure that she’d like it better than the holdings. Rachel would only have to deal with him there and not with other recruits. Entering the holdings, he quickly found her. It wasn’t very hard to do considering her small figure and the dark long hair. She was fucking hot and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on that tight little body.

Making his way over to her, he could see her eyes widen slightly as she bit her lower lip softly. He could practically feel her apprehension and his lips formed a small smirk at that. Apparently, Marley had done a good job of scaring the girl and even though Puck thought that Marley probably was in the right, he hated that he’d have to deal with her resulting stubbornness. Stopping in front of her, he said in a husky voice, “Hello, baby. We’re gonna have so much fun.” With that he grabbed her elbow and started to lead her out of the holdings.

Hey Everyone,

This is me sending you all a bit of light and love. V-Day may be a bit pointless but happiness ain’t.

I’m not deluded into thinking we’re all some sort of family, but we’re here and we’re what we’ve got so deal yo! Take the lightheartedness and enjoy it for a day as much you can.

Rachel's job

I would like Rachel to be switched to working in the community garden.  


You think she’d be suited for this? Then by all means, make sure she gets the right instruction and shows up to work. We have no problem with this.

-The Leaders

Healing Time || Puckleberry

After his ‘visit’ to Marley with Artie and Finn Puck had needed some time to himself. He knew that Rachel had been worried about him and what was going on. Especially with that Leader running around the community and looking for them at exactly that time that they were taking care of the little bastard that had destroyed everything. Puck could still feel this pain running through his veins, wanting to burst forth every second of every day. Never in his life would he have thought that he’d feel like this. But this situation was so surreal. One the one hand, he knew that it hadn’t really been a baby yet, like you know it, but on the other hand, that had been his and Rachel’s kid. And the Leaders had taken it from them by sending her to someone who they knew treated her badly.

Puck had told Rachel the truth, though, when he’d said that he’d had to help his mother. It was just some meaningless task that she had given him to get his mind off things and he had been grateful for it. But now he just wanted to see Rachel and hold her in his arms, that was why as soon as the request went through he made his way over to the holdings to pick her up. The fact that that Leader would come to them during this week and ask questions was annoying as hell but they’d get through that. A small smile spread on his lips as he saw Rachel in the holdings, still pale and with a sadness about her and Puck vowed to himself that he would do everything he could to make her feel her better during the next seven days.

Request for Partner - GRANTED

Your name: Marley

Desired partner: Rachel Berry

Same sex: N

1 day 3 days 5 days 7 days (bold your choice)


We are allowing this but we have been notified of your past… unsavory actions. We cannot have perfectly healthy and capable recruits being harmed or killed. This is a warning and a chance to show us that we do not need to step in and strip your privileges - your parent’s were adamant about this.

-The Leaders

Admin Note:

A note about ships:

~This is more for any new interest in the RP.~

When you apply -and are accepted- you need to be aware of the ships of others. Your bolded endgame ship may not be bolded for the other half of that ship. This doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just means you can’t just expect it to. Roleplay with others, talk with players, just have fun and see what happens. If you and another player decide that you want it to be made clear that your ship is endgame, message the main or the Leaders and it’ll be noted on the characters page for new players to be aware of.

I know you are all aware of this and you’re all pretty amazing for going with the flow :] I just needed to make a note of this before I send out ads for new characters.

~So here’s a basic layout of the community. This isn’t set by any means - you can see it as you like really, but this will help with future events. Remember that the community is a pretty large place, not all buildings are drawn in by any means nor are they really to scale. And the buildings don’t just end where the community is walled off. In some places yes, but generally the walls were put up wherever was convenient at the time.

If you have any questions(or are completely confused by this) let me know.

Also, if any of you want me to add in where your character lives, I’d be happy to do so!

Health || Rachel & Artie

Artie had meant to talk with the Rachel girl. He had. Since the new recruits had first been brought in and he’d heard about her struggling to adapt. But he’d been busy. His request with Quinn leading into Finn leaving Chris with Quinn pulled his focus. Then his other duties for the community. He’d gotten behind on his required outings with the recruiters as his other job was so minimal most of the time. He wasn’t happy to have left the girl without having talked with her like he had wanted, but he knew the others would look out for her. Quinn seemed friendly with her and he was sure she would keep her company on the occasion she could.

Now he was back from his most recent “outing” and had plenty of time. When he learned the small brunette had fallen ill, he became more worried. Hoping it wasn’t anything too serious, he had requested her so as to provide her with healing company. He’d finally be able to talk with her and possibly help her. A single guard was sent to retrieve her with strict instructions to be gentle with the sickly girl. There would be no need to be rough and forceful with an ill recruit, he’d assured. Being sick and then jerked about wasn’t something he wanted for the girl.

Preparing his large couch, he pulled out several blankets and pillows. The couch in in his living room was the best place to keep her and nurse her to health. It provided him with the ability to keep an eye on her but also leave her be if needed as he could easily slip into his room or over to his desk in the corner. The kitchen was close with the soup he’d prepared and a tea kettle setting on the stove top. The bathroom just through the kitchen was open and lit up for her use; clean towel, clean and comfy clothes, soaps and sponges laid out. He wasn’t at all aware of Rachel’s likes and dislikes while sick, so he had just opted to prepare for various things that may soothe her.

Hearing the knock, he turned from the couch and wheeled to the door. Unlocking the door, he opened it and took in the sight of the weak looking girl. He gave her a sad smile and dismissed the guard as he ushered her in. “I know it’s not the best way to be meeting, but it’s nice to finally meet you, Rachel. Go ahead and lay down,” he gestured tot he couch. “Would you like anything? I’ve got soup and tea or I have some juice. Water?”

Sing For Me || Puckleberry

It had been days since Puck had last seen Rachel and he missed her. Like hell. Like he’d never missed anything else before in his life. And he’d been fucking scared that the Leaders wouldn’t let her come to stay with him again and make him request another recruit. In a way, it was weird for him to be so attached to a girl. That had never happened to him before but honestly? He loved it. Puck just hoped that the Leaders wouldn’t destroy what he and Rachel had with their authority. Walking down to the holdings, he couldn’t help but smile a little because he’d gotten Rachel to promise to try and sing for him during the seven days that she would stay with him. He could remember the first time she’d told him that before the world as they knew it had ended that she’d wanted to be a singer on Broadway and in his eyes that only meant one thing. That she was damn good.

Nodding to the guard at the door, he waited for him to open it. Puck immediately saw Rachel and he could feel his heart constrict lightly because he could still see a couple of scrapes and bruises from when she’d fallen in a hole. Making his way over to her, he gave her the biggest grin he could muster and as soon as he was close enough, he wrapped his arms tightly around her, his face burrowed in her neck. “I missed you, baby,” he whispered, careful that no one heard what they were saying. The Leaders didn’t really need to know more than they already did.

Interview - Subject: Rachel Berry
  • Goolsby:Dustin Goolsby sat waiting in the small, nearly empty room he'd been using to conduct his interviews as he further investigated this part of the community. Frustration was becoming a daily visitor and irritation never left. Sighing loudly and dusting himself off again, he continued to wait. For ages. Really, he could have gone to retrieve the recruit and gone on the grand tor of the entire community in the time it was taking these imbecile guards to fetch her. Finger tapped along a table just as there was a knock. Finally. "Enter," he called. The door opened to reveal a tiny girl flanked by the two guards who must have been daydreaming because they simply stared at him, still holding onto the recruit. "Oh would you let her go already!? And get out of my sight," he ordered, not bothering to hide his annoyance. They left in a hurry, closing the door behind them, and Goolsby's eyes turned to the brunette. So this is the girl who's caused quite a stir. Brow raised, he looked her over a moment. "Sit. Please." Gesturing to the chair before him, he picked up his papers, skimming over the information he'd been given. "I'm here to gather the details of your incident with the son," he scanned for the name. "Marley. Whatever you feel is important to tell really, but we need to understand what happened -without any fabrications- to properly address the situation and provide you with accommodations." Glancing up, he made a motion with his hand. "Start talking."
Request for Partner - GRANTED

Your name: Noah Puckerman

Desired partner: Rachel Berry

Same sex: Y/N

1 day 3 days 5 days 7 days (bold your choice)


We don’t know who we’re being generous to by granting this: many of us feel the requested recruit should not be allowed on a request until she’s had time to give us details and possible healing time, yet many of us also recall the Puckerman son having great interest in Ms. Berry and will do no further harm or prevent her from speaking with our fellow Leader(we’re hoping this belief to be proven true). So, we’re allowing this.

Be sure to allow Dustin Goolsby access and be wary of medical requests.

-The Leaders

Request for Partner - GRANTED

Form for partner request:

Your name:  Finn Hudson

Desired partner:  Rachel Berry

Same sex: Y/N  No

1 day 3 days 5 days 7 days (bold your choice)

I realize Rachel is currently requested by Marley when she leaves Puck. This request is for after that time, if that’s possible.  ~*~*~*~ This is normally no problem. We are currently have an uproar of sorts involving the recruit, Rachel Berry, but there seems little reason this request would not be able to be granted, so we are doing just that. -The Leaders

thepuckermanson asked:

I want to file a complaint against another son, named Marley. He has threatened the life of one of the recruits, working directly against the principle of repopulation that you have installed.

Was this threat used to direct the recruit’s actions and words to a more manageable state? Or was it simply used in malice? We cannot go around chastising every son and daughter who threatens the recruits. That would be ridiculous. But if he truly is being malevolent, we’ll be sure to reprimand and keep an eye on him.

-The Leaders