Healing Time || Puckleberry

After his ‘visit’ to Marley with Artie and Finn Puck had needed some time to himself. He knew that Rachel had been worried about him and what was going on. Especially with that Leader running around the community and looking for them at exactly that time that they were taking care of the little bastard that had destroyed everything. Puck could still feel this pain running through his veins, wanting to burst forth every second of every day. Never in his life would he have thought that he’d feel like this. But this situation was so surreal. One the one hand, he knew that it hadn’t really been a baby yet, like you know it, but on the other hand, that had been his and Rachel’s kid. And the Leaders had taken it from them by sending her to someone who they knew treated her badly.

Puck had told Rachel the truth, though, when he’d said that he’d had to help his mother. It was just some meaningless task that she had given him to get his mind off things and he had been grateful for it. But now he just wanted to see Rachel and hold her in his arms, that was why as soon as the request went through he made his way over to the holdings to pick her up. The fact that that Leader would come to them during this week and ask questions was annoying as hell but they’d get through that. A small smile spread on his lips as he saw Rachel in the holdings, still pale and with a sadness about her and Puck vowed to himself that he would do everything he could to make her feel her better during the next seven days.

Hey Everyone,

This is me sending you all a bit of light and love. V-Day may be a bit pointless but happiness ain’t.

I’m not deluded into thinking we’re all some sort of family, but we’re here and we’re what we’ve got so deal yo! Take the lightheartedness and enjoy it for a day as much you can.