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My favorite Mexican band is back! Check out Café Tacvba’s new video: “Olita Del Altamar”


ARACELI: The only thing I need to warm up during these winter days is Los Bukis.

ARACELI: I’ve always been in awe by the talent that my dear friend Sandra Mello bestows, so I have to show off these cute burning heart earrings that she recently sent me for my birthday. She executed the entire look for my Mexi-inspired wedding too! Her paintings, mostly inspired by Mexico, Frida Kahlo’s dreamlike nature, Dia de Los Muertos, and the like, has always amazed me. 

She started Paloma Plane, a line featuring wallets, bags, and earrings. You can also find her work on Etsy


Contemporary Mexican artist Moza Saracho has her debut solo exhibition titled Mirrors, curated by Anne Huntington. The show, which is open now through November 10th, features large-scale mirrored sculptures presented in five parts reflecting on truth, destiny, vanity, existence and moments.  I spoke to Saracho about her first show:

Since this is your debut exhibition, did you feel some pressure as artist to make a grand statement about your work?

Of course I feel pressure as an artist to make a grand statement, I have been living with the idea of this show my entire life, and it is an overwhelming experience to make it a reality - the pressure is amazing because it helps me visualize and create beautiful forms.
 Why have you decided to be an artist based in Mexico City as oppose to working in New York?

I studied at New York University and regularly travel to New York City. Mexico City is my home and where my studio is based. The distance between Mexico City and New York City is very small, and the vibrancy of both compliment each other and fuel my creativity.

The show ‘Mirrors’ deals with idea of self-reflection. Do you think our face-paced society needs to take a closer look at themselves?

I think the individual and society as a whole need to reflect and take in their inner and out selves to see what realities and fantasies exist to experience the truths, destinies, vanities, existences and moments of life.

Location: 809 Washington Street, New York