طُلب من مجموعة أطفال سوريين في مخيَّم للاجئين على الحدود الأردنية، رسم ما يفكرون به على الورق، رسم هذا الطفل المأساة التي حلت بعائلته وببتيه، وحينما طُلب منه أن يشرح ما رسمه على الورقة، كانت هذه اللقطة

Did you know that this revolution was and still is a peaceful call for freedom??? Syrians Handed roses and water to the soldiers that were shooting at them. Syria is a nation of civilization and Freedom is a core principle in this civilization and we will not stop till its achieved.
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Fears of chaos as thousands protest in Tunisia

Thousands of people protested today across Tunisia after gunmen killed the leader of a leftist opposition party, Mohammed Brahmi, raising fears of new chaos.

Reuters reports that Tunisair canceled all flights to and from Tunisia on Friday, the company said in a statement.

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Photo: A Tunisian supporter of the Popular Front party reacts at Mahmoud Materi hospital, after Mohammed Brahmi died from his wounds after he was shot to death in his car outside his home, north of Tunis, Tunisia. (Amine Landoulsi/AP)

لمْ يكنْ دمُكَ مُلوّثاً ولآ إرضَآوك صَعباً ولآ رُوحُك غيْر طآهرَة ،

كلّ مآفيْ الأمْرِ ، أنك لمْ تكُنْ [ سيّئاً ] كمآ يَجبْ !؛