arabic words


erm, a little embarrassing, but does anyone want to explain to the Palestinians that using the word Palestine isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to claim historical heritage? I mean forget for a moment that Israel/Judah/Judea was only every called Palestine by foreign colonialists like the Romans, Ottomans and British. The Romans coined that name in the first place from Philistines, or Plishti, which comes from the Hebrew word for invader and they did so to undermine the Jewish cultural effect on the region.
Plishti were ethnically Cypriot and the only part of Israel they occupied was… awkward… Gaza.
I’m just saying, maybe they should come up with an old-sounding Arabic word to name their people…

‏عندما تعتمد أفعالنا على نوايا طيبة، فإن أرواحنا لن تندم عليها.

When our actions are based on good intentions, our souls shall not regret it.