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“‘Cause we’re the masters of our own fate
We’re the captains of our own souls
There’s no way for us to come away
'Cause boy we’re gold, boy we’re gold”


Been busy but finally got time to post this. I have a few Jinnrise 2 prints left! (arab & english ver.) they’re going for $25 a piece (add $10 for shipping). Also, with every purchase I will include an original pencil head sketch of whatever character you want, just like the ones you see above.

If youre interested, email me at or PM me.


ASTRONOMER, 1504. The Arabian astronomer, Messahalah (c740-815). Woodcut by Albrecht Dürer from title page to Messahalah’s ‘De scientia motus orbis,’ Nuremberg, Germany, 1504.

The De scientia motus orbis is probably the treatise called in Arabic “the twenty-seventh;” printed in Nuremberg 1501, 1549. The second edition is entitled: 'De elementis et orbibus coelestibus’, and contains 27 chapters.

Alchemy eludes definition and is difficult to understand. It has been associated since its inception with charlatans, opportunists, and deluded chemists, and nowadays is often confused with sorcery and occultism. However, its strange imagery continues to capture the popular imagination. Its cultural influences have been wide, encompassing not only chemistry and medicine, but also philosophy, psychology, art, music and literature.

The aims of alchemy have always proved hard to explain.

The Meditor

Mechanics of Poetry - Ch. 2

Chapter One on Tumblr || the whole thing on AO3

They’re listening to a playlist of 1940s big band music, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, and for reasons Dex doesn’t really understand, Uptown Funk. Nursey’s humming along under his breath, the wind from the open windows ruffling his hair. He’s eaten most of the cookies Granny Poindexter sent them with, and seems to be pretty happy. Dex isn’t sure he’s really seen Nursey happy before. He’s usually too fucking “chill” to emote like a normal human being. Of course, Dex is sort of one to talk.

By the time they reach the border of Massachusetts, the group text is pinging every few seconds. Everyone is coordinating their arrival for Jack’s birthday, and Holster and Ransom have informed the two of them that they’ll be crashing in their attic. Shitty’s driving down from Cambridge and he and Lardo have plans to abscond with their old room – currently occupied by Tango. Jack, being a true gentleman, has offered to sleep on an air mattress in Bitty’s room during the festivities so that Chowder can keep his room.

“But we both know that he’s doing that so that he and Bitty can have birthday sex,” Nursey points out. Since Dex is driving, Nursey’s been reading the group text aloud with editorial comments.

“Yeah, and hopefully Ransom and Holster aren’t actually dating,” Dex says.

“Why?” Nursey asks. “Don’t you want them to be happy?”

“Yeah, I do, but I don’t want to share a room with them when they’re drunk and dating and trying to get handsy,” Dex says.

Nursey looks up from his phone with distant horror. “That’s a really good point.”

“But I brought the air mattress so we can just stick them on that,” Dex says. Nursey nods. He still looks unnerved by the possibility that they might be stuck in the attic with Ransom and Holster while they have sex.

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