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Your Wish Is My Command Ch. 2

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Not even ten minutes after Nico felt sleep overcome him, he was jarred awake by someone nudging him. He opened his eyes and yelped as Will stood in front of him, not even an inch from his face. “I’m bored.”

Nico groaned and sat up. “Well, I’m sleepy. You have to let me sleep.”

“So what do I do?” he asked.

“Watch a movie on my laptop or something,” Nico groaned gesturing to where his laptop rested against the floor. “Give it,” he yawned. Will did and Nico turned it on to find a movie on Netflix. “Ah, perfect. You’ll get a kick out of this,” he said as he put Aladdin on for him. “Now sit, watch, and let me sleep.”

A couple hours later, he was woken again. Will looked annoyed. “That was very inaccurate,” he pouted. “And I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes. Also, why was he blue? Why was there so much singing? Why could he go back into the lamp? What-”

“Oh my God!” Nico screamed into his pillow. “Will, it’s a kid’s movie! It’s just fun and musical and colorful, okay?” Will frowned and crossed his arms as he sat on the floor. Nico arched an eyebrow. “You seem really irritated.”

Will frowned, the reflection of the computer screen on his face. “How did he get free? It doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t work….” Nico blinked in surprise and sat up. “We’re slaves for eternity. There’s no way we get to be free. That genie didn’t even have a backstory or….” Will shook his head in frustration.

“Hey,” Nico said soothingly, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Do you remember your backstory?”

“A little,” Will answered. “It was traumatizing enough that I remember it even though I don’t remember anything else.” Nico frowned and slid off his bed to sit beside Will. He looked at him expectantly and Will took a breath. “I don’t think you want to hear it.”

“Hey, we’re stuck with each other for a while. You’re going to get to know me a lot. I’d like to know you too. What you remember.”

Will looked at him with astonishment twinkling in his blue eyes. He brought his fingers up to the gold hoops that hung from his ear and furrowed his eyebrows.

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