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1. Favorite breed of horse you’ve ridden?

I absolutely looooooove Thoroughbreds. It’s a always have, always will type of thing   

2. From your experience, do you prefer mares or geldings? (or stallions, if you’re into that)

I’m really not sure to be honest. I tend to feel the same about both, really just depends on the horse for me :)

3. Most expensive horse-related thing you’ve bought aside from, of course, your horse? :)

hmm my saddle probably

4. Helmet, or no helmet? If so, which brand- Charles Owen, GPA, etc. If not, why?

Helmet &Charles Owen! i like them a lot 

5. Ever been injured badly enough when riding that you’ve had to go to the hospital?

yes! i was riding bareback a couple years ago and Dusty spooked and i fell off. I got caught under him and he stepped on my leg. I was lucky enough that it didn’t break but i was on crutches for a while aha


1. What is one of your craziest experiences with a horse? 

2. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves? (at the barn or not)

3. What’s your horse’s favourite treat you’ve given them? 

4. What’s your dream for the future?

5. Have you ever wanted to change disciplines? if so, did you end up doing it?