The horses are dream-things at dusk.
They are still and yet restless under the low, thick canopy of monsoon clouds, standing close to one another and communicating in subtleties. Push and pull. The light-coloured horses seem almost to be aglow with the last ghostly vestiges of light left over by a sun gone to sleep, while the dark-coloured ones turn to shadows in plain sight, near invisible except in the gleam of their eyes and the sound of their swishing tails and soft footfalls.
Horses are dream-things at dusk. 

Sketch page collab with @nomderonge of perfect prince EL REY MAGNUM, the Arabian horse who took the internet by storm. And by “storm” I obviously mean “shitstorm”, because this presumably-living example of perverted animal husbandry has since had his web page taken down.

The Tumblr post as we saw it is always going to be here, though. And here are the lines!