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All the free otome games I am currently playing. I wrote up a full list of where to download and invite codes for bonus for anyone interested haha. Real reviews will be posted when I finish routes since all I wrote down is my impressions so far. I already finished Mononoke Kiss so that will be the upcoming one first as review… After Sakura Con.


Arabian Nights Love Story

Release dates (iPhone, Android)
English: February 16th, 2014

“You’re working as a nurse in a hospital. One day, you come to say good bye to one of your patients, Fujishima, who’s about to leave the hospital. To thank you for all your hard work, he offers you a lamp. 

Back at home, you rub the lamp, and you’re sucked in by force! When you open your eyes, a man you don’t know is facing you. The man is the genie of the lamp; he tells you that you have to fulfill the wishes each person has made if you want to go back to your world.

You’re doing your best to find out how to fullfil their wishes…perhaps this is the beginning of a new love story. ”

This is a free game released in February by OKKO! You can get it for Android here, or for iPhone here.

Otome invite codes & IDs

Let’s help each others! <3

You get a gift, I get a gift! *_*

If you just want to be friends, let me know! You’re always welcome!
If I don’t have enough space, I’ll make it for you! ^_^
If some codes don’t work, maybe it’s beacuse iOS/Android codes are different on some games…

The ones written like this: I’m not gone forever on Android, but currently I’m inactive. 

Others games with this: on iOS, read HERE and HERE

REALLY active and waiting for your friendship and help

be my princess party:

Lysithea; (invite code 9a635d0a); ID 269306

(the) cinderella contract (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code NRMige

midnight cinderella:

Lysithea; ID: pDUJwg4D

my forged wedding party:

Lysithea; (invite Code c7da16c); ID 130309

my sweet proposal (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code hEEsCy

office lover 2 (iOS):


once upon a fairy love tale (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code FT8Hmx

oriental  bride of the emperor (iOS)

Lysithea; invite code sHqpBk

royal midnight kiss (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code wEAfsF

samurai love ballad:

Lysithea; ID 2149459

samurai night romance (iOS):


shall we date +:

blood in roses:

Lysithea ID MZQrv5WFnW

magic sword + :

Lysithea; invite code DLRsvWWexg

my fairy tales + :

Lysithea; invite code LMzxCNypks

my sweet prince + :

Lysithea; invite code CPDiGiJqW


Lysithea; ID DwHB6SSyW

wizardess heart + :

Lysithea; invite code H5Y4sLBgJ0; ID H5Y4sLBgJ0

seven hotties, all my husbands (iOS):

Lisythea; invite code KMTrNv

sleepless cinderella party:

Lysithea; (invite code fb201ec1); ID  523000

sweet scandal Returns (iOS):

Lisythea; invite code CYMYGB

Still there (iOS) but not really active

arabian nights love story lamp of destiny:

Lizzy; invite Code YV6y3d

arabian nights desert heat love:

Lizzy; invite code 3BaLAJ

bakumatsu shinsengumi (iOS):

Lysithea; invite code 7a4Viy

contract marriage (iOS):

Lizzy; invite Code Ph5W7J

contract marriage plus (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code n7zg8s

gossip girl party:

Lysithea; ID 1364860

it’s our secret:

Lizzy; invite code cii3712

office lover:

Lizzy; invite code n5aACz

shall we date - destiny ninja :

Lysithea; invite code BxJyVRzww0

starstruck love:

Lizzy; invite code XdfTHg

sweet scandal:

Lizzy; invite code m27GGT


Otome on Android where I’m inactive - Kurumi

cinderella contract (Android):

Kurumi; invite code Kqmd3V

contract marriage plus (Android)

Kurumi; TgsHPG

love legend of sengoku (Android):

Kurumi; invite code ukpQPD

my romantic three kingdoms:

Kurumi; invite code Rr4D56

once upon a fairy love tale (android):

Kurumi; code fpC6PR

seven hotties, all my husbands (Android):

Kurumi; invite code 3wYb6U

royal midnight kiss (Android):

Kurumi; code DUGE2G

the idol dormitory:

Kurumi; VtBJxv

The Cosa case

You can find me on some iOS otome as Cosa. I’m Cosa where I used to be active as Lisythea (Lisythea is not dead, but not active for various reasions).

I don’t play the following otome seriously now, BUT I login everyday and if you want to add me let me know here or on the game since I’ll invite you in lessons and send you items if I get them. You don’t need to send me back items because I’ll keep a very low charm and like I’ve said I’m not seriously playing these otome. I’m here just in case. I think it’s not a bad thing for you to add me ‘cause of the items, but remember that I’m not playing to get high charm or anything, so you will get a few items, but maybe I could help you. ^.^ 

If you want to help me too add me as Lysithea on the games that you can find above and send me all that you can! (The cindereala contract, My sweet proposal, Royal midnight kiss, Sweer scandal returns, voltage party and more but it’s another story).

Sooo…these are the otomes where you can find me as Cosa:

I’m back everywhere as Lysithea! <3

New Characters - Coming Soon in May -

Arabian Nights Love Story

We know that a lot of you were waiting for it so we have the pleasure to announce that a new story, the “Sinbad route” will be released very soon!

We hope you will enjoy this new route and the real face of the mysterious Sinbad.

[Date of release]
May, 1st (2014)

One day, you’re teleported in a new world you don’t know at all.
A guy comes to rescue you : his name is Sinbad.

You trusted this man but,
he’s a miser, and more than anything else,
his priority is money, so…?!

What kind of story will born from you and such a miser…?!

We hope you will be looking forward to this new release♪

Office Lover ~My Boss is a dangerous playboy~

We know that a lot of you were waiting for it so we have the pleasure to announce that a new route with a completely new character, Togu Koichiro, is coming !

We hope you will enjoy this new route with a new boss.

[Date of release]
May, 8th (2014)

[How to unlock it]
Since it’s a new character, this time you don’t have to clear a route to play the Togu route, there is no condition to unlock it.

L'éclat du Soleil has been sold to a rival company ?!
Because of this, a lot happens : succession struggle, transfer to a new service… and a new boss ! Who is he ?
You and all the characters are caught up in confusion again.
Escaping from the fetters of each other’s past, will you two be able to be happy ?!

We hope you will be looking forward to this new release♪

 Source: OKKO Sweet Romance English Page