arabian dress

10.Arabian Nights

With also six votes. I went a bit overboard with this one but It was really fun and I like the result. Next one will be “Tribal/Jungle Girl” !


List (to see Unlocked outfits, CLICK HERE):

  1. Yukata (6 votes) (upcoming)
  2. tribal/Jungle Girl (7 votes) UNLOCKED
  3. Sports wear (1 vote)
  4. Glamour Lingerie (2 vote)
  5. Wedding Dress (3 votes)
  6. Tild as a kid (3 votes)
  7. Seifuku (school uniform) (0 votes)
  8. Witch (4 votes)
  9. Martial Artist (2 votes)
  10. Arabian Nights  UNLOCKED!
  11. Cowgirl (1 vote)
  12. Funny Dragon Suit (3 votes)
  13. Cyborg (3 votes)
  14. Cosplay - Radical Edward (Cowboy Bebop)  UNLOCKED!
  15. Bikini (3 votes)
  16. Sleepwear (2 votes)
  17. Heavy Knight Armor (2 votes)
  18. Pirate Girl (5 votes)

Celestia: “Not a prank but still an unexpected influence on a culture. The worst part of it wasn’t having to talk to him for an hour dressed like that. No, the worst came many centuries later when I told Luna the story. She’s now always visibly torn between disgust and raucous laughter when ever she sees a Saddle Arabian in their ‘traditional’ dress.”