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كفاكم صمتآ يا عرب .. كفاكم فرقة وأنانية، فما كان يتسلل قد امتد اليوم للقدس وهو في طريقه ليمتد إلينا جميعآ .. تعقلوا وتكاتفوا واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعآ ولا تفرقوا .. فقد آن وقت العمل

القدس عربية

Kuwait Towers - Kuwait

The Kuwait Towers are a group of three towers, located on the promontory, overlooking the Persian Gulf. The towers are a part of a Kuwait Water Towers System, which is made up of 34 towers in total. Although there are three towers, two which house water, and one which stores equipment, they are often referred to as Kuwait Tower in singular. 

41,000 enameled steel discs cover the three spheres on the towers, in shades of blue, green and grey. This design references the historic Mosques of Kuwait.