Prince watching himself perform on the Act II Tour, 1993

أغمِضْ عن الدُّنيا عينَكَ، وولِّ عنها قَلبَكَ، وإيَّاكَ أن تُهلككَ كمَا أهلكَت مَن كان قَبلكَ، فقد رأيتُ مصَارعَها، وعاينتُ سوءَ آثارِهَا على أهلها، وكيف عَريَ مَن كَسَت، وجَاعَ مَن أطعمت، ومات مَن أحيت

عمر ابن الخطاب

I’ve been trying to translate this for a while. I think it captures the meaning as it is intended by the speaker.


“Close your eyes to the World and detach your heart from it, and don’t let it destroy you like it did those who came before you. For I have seen its cruelty, witnessed how it scars its people, how it strips those it has clothed, starved those it has fed, and killed those who lived off it”

Omar Ibn Alkhattab

Disney Heroine Aesthetics // Jasmine

Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

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