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The Arab Institute (Institut du Monde Arab), Paris France. Jean Nouvel design, completed in 1980. Active sun-shade irises cover the south facade of the building; each square in this image is a collection of different sized metallic irises which close automatically to regulate the heating effect of sunlight hitting the building. Photos: Tom Wright via flickr
More Arab Women Directors Finding Their Voices Through Film
While Hollywood continues to be a boys’ club where only 4% of filmmakers are female, according to research by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, women in the Arab world are …
By Nick Vivarelli

According to a recent study commissioned by the Doha Film Institute, Arabic independent films are twice as likely to be directed by a woman. In fact, 26% of independent film directors in the region are female, “much more than directors of studio films in the West,” it notes.

I’m still putting together the Inanna/Ishtar descent post so until then here’s an artifact with a bit of news about museums loans.

Figure of a King of Mari, circa 2500-2300 B.C., excavated from a temple of Ishtar near Aleppo.  The figure is technically on loan from the Aleppo Museum to the Arab World Institute (Institut du Monde Arabe) based in France. 

Given the recently massive destruction of Aleppo it is uncertain if and when the artifact and others on loan like it will return to Syria.  Thankfully it was spared from the destruction that hit the Aleppo Museum by being in Paris at the time, which has happened to many ancient Near Eastern artifacts, but it is uncertain when the Aleppo Museum will be restored and the artifact can return home.    



“Published on Oct 14, 2015Over 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists affirm Black-Palestinian solidarity in our new video. Featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill, Danny Glover, DAM, Omar Barghouti, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Yousef Erakat, Annemarie Jacir, Boots Riley, Dr. Cornel West, and many others.

Black-Palestinian solidarity is neither a guarantee nor a requirement - it is a choice. We choose to build with one another in a shoulder to shoulder struggle against state-sanctioned violence. A violence that is manifest in the speed of bullets and batons and tear gas that pierce our bodies. One that is latent in the edifice of law and concrete that work together to, physically and figuratively, cage us. We choose to join one another in resistance not because our struggles are the same but because we each struggle against the formidable forces of structural racism and the carceral and lethal technologies deployed to maintain them. This video intends to interrupt that process – to assert our humanity – and to stand together in an affirmation of life and a commitment to resistance. From Ferguson to Gaza, from Baltimore to Jerusalem, from Charleston to Bethlehem, we will be free.

Angela Davis on the project: “Mutual expressions of solidarity have helped to generate a vigorous political kinship linking black organizers, scholars, cultural workers and political prisoners in the U.S. with Palestinian activists, academics, political prisoners, and artists.”

Organizations working in collaboration: The Dream Defenders, BYP 100, the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, the Institute for Middle East Understanding, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Arab Studies Institute-Quilting Point Productions.“


Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her family Spam [22/50]

Very few dresses of Elizabeth has been preserved.  This dress isn’t shown to the public for reasons of conservation, however a copy was made ​​for the Sisi Museum of Vienna. She wore this gown at her farewell to Bavaria, April 20, 1854. Dress and shawl were entrusted to the Institute of Arabic Language at the University of Vienna. It is in fact a « Tugra » an ancient seal of Sultan which translates: « Oh Lord, what a beautiful dream ». Surely it was bring back from one of the numerous journeys of Duke Max, Elisabeth’s father.

anonymous asked:

I`ve heard that Bernie Sanders has mainstream(bad) views on foreign policy. Especially regarding Palestine/Israel. Is that true, and what are your thoughts on it? Will ur at it what other issues would the media use against bernie?

I mean these views are relative. His views may be “bad” compared to specific demographics of the US population, but compared to the people he is running against, he is the Patron Saint of Peace. 

With the exception of one vote—the vote to authorize the use of military force against al-Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks—Sanders has vocally and consistently been opposed to the use of US military force during what is universally known as the “Global War on Terror.” His past votes as a congressman, and later as a senator, on issues concerning war and peace strongly suggest that a president Sanders would be highly reluctant to deploy any form of US military force, unless it truly is the last resort to a national-security crisis. (x)

If you compare this to any other candidate that has a congressional voting record you will not find a anyone who has authorized force so sparingly.  

When it comes to Israel/Palestine, he may have some views that I do not agree with. But even though he has defended Israel in the past, just last year when the US Senate wrote a letter to Palestine warning them to not attempt to bring sanctions against Israel in the UN, he was one of only 12 people to not sign the letter

Also he gave some more direct thought on his positions recently in an interview with Diane Rehm:

REHM: Tell me your feeling about whether there should be a two-state solution should Palestine be given statehood?

SANDERS: Absolutely. What you have in that part of the world is an unspeakable tragedy. And it seems like it’s never-ending and it seems like it every year gets worse and worse and more killing and more bombings and everything else. And again, Diane, if I had the magical solution to that problem I would be in the president’s office today giving it. I don’t have it. But clearly the goals are two-fold: number one the Palestinian people, in my view, deserve a state of their own, they deserve an economy of their own, they deserve economic support from the people of this country. And Israel needs to be able to live in security without terrorist attacks. Those are the goals of I think any sensible foreign policy in that region.

REHM: How do you believe President Obama’s relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu has affected our relationship with Israel?

SANDERS: Well, I gotta tell you, I am not a great fan of President Netanyahu I did not attend the speech that he gave before the joint session of Congress. I think it was opportunistic. I think he was using it as part of his campaign for re-election. I think he was being used or did use the Republicans to go behind the President’s back. And I think in that region sadly on both sides I don’t think we have the kind of leadership that we need. And so you know I think the President is trying to do the best that he can in enormously difficult circumstances.

Honestly, the attacks on Bernie Sanders for being a supporter of Israel is just dogwhistle antisemitism. No one calls into question the unflinching support for Israel by the entirety of the Republican Party, who actually have given, and continue to give, much more support to the genocide of the Palestinian people than Bernie Sanders ever has. This is also true of Hillary Clinton, she is praised for her long running support of Israel, she has even gone as far to say at a pro-Israel rally,

We are here to show solidarity and support for Israel. We will stand with Israel, because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones.

But there is no focus about her foreign policy concerning Israel. It’s almost as though giving a small amount of support to Israel as a Jew is much worse than giving a landslide of support as a Christian. 

When you look at the opinion of the largest Arab American lobby in the US, the Arab American Institute(AAI), their most recent rankings has Bernie Sanders ranked 17th out of all US politicians as a supporter of issues that affect Arab Americans, including the Israel/Palestine conflict.  In 2007 and 2008 he was the top ranked politician in the US by the AAI. In both cases he was ranked higher than any other politician that is currently a Candidate for President  

Really, this isn’t about concern for the Palestinian’s. If it were people would be supporting Bernie Sanders for being the least supportive of Israel of all the candidates for President. It is about the tacit implication that the world will go to hell if there is a man of Jewish decent was in the White House. 

FRANCE, Paris : A poster by French street artist Combo is pictured after being stuck on the Quai de la Tournelle, near the Arab World Institute (IMA) on February 8, 2015 in Paris, displaying Combo’s message on the coexistence of religions, using intertwined symbols of the Muslim, Jewish and Catholic religions to write the word “Coexist”. Combo stuck and distributed posters in front of the Arab World Institute (IMA) in Paris on February 8, supported by the institution, after claiming to have been attacked because of his message on the coexistence of religions. Combo said he was attacked on January 31 at Paris’ Porte Doree district by four men while he was putting on a wall a poster of himself photographed in a djellaba and associated with the word “Coexist”, using intertwined symbols of the Muslim, Jewish and Catholic religions. The Notre-Dame cathedral is seen behind. AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET                        

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Have you seen that post going around about how Bernie Sanders voted for Palestinian genocide? It links to this article on a very obviously incredible website which says he just "talks the talk" and mentions his "unconditional support of Israel." It just makes no sense but so many people are uncritically reblogging it and it makes me feel almost betrayed? Maybe I'm just being too sensitive but it upsets me that people aren't giving a Jew the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Israel.

Bernie Sanders has a +2 rating from the Arab American Institute. He has publicly criticized Netanyahu and refused to be present during his congressional address, he has called Protective Edge “excessive” and “disproportionate.” Some people have a standard of “voting for Palestinian genocide” meaning the support for anything less than the destruction of Israel.

you can go and walk down the street of Tel Aviv holding the hand of your wife, I can’t get in the airport without seven hours of harassment because I’m of Arab descent.

James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, in response to Bonnie Schaefer, former joint CEO of the jewelry chain Claire’s Stores, when she said 

“As a gay Jewish Zionist, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, as we all know, the only place in the Middle East that I can walk down the street with my wife hand in hand and not be afraid,” at the 2016 Democratic Platform Drafting Hearing