arab eyebrows

You my love, had a whole plot in your eyes.

Cursory walls of that beautiful mind. 

You my love, wore out the sky. 

The trumping desert and the kissing sun collide.

You my love, a story I sewed, a moon I held. 

A home so vacant and a language that reeled me back in.

You my love, is the story I told, over and over and over again.

arab sirius black headcanons [pt 1/?]

• arab sirius black swears like a sailor in arabic. james has pretty much adopted ‘ayrah feek’ as his catchphrase

• arab sirius black has plucked eyebrows

• arab sirius black conditions his hair with henna, and it looks like it’s on fire. there are little braids within it, tied up with thin, fraying velvet ribbon

• arab sirius black makes warak dawali for hebrew remus lupin because his nanny told him that warak dawali shows love

• arab sirius black is ashamed of his internalised misogyny and homophobia, but soon gets coached on how to better himself by strong girls lily evans and andromeda black

• arab sirius black smells like dhan al ward and amber

• arab sirius black becomes a feminist. all girls are the sisters he never had. they trust him with their secrets. he avenges them in true marauder style

• arab sirius black and lesbian marlene mckinnon are assumed to be together by everyone when really they’re both gay as hell - see that? there? him running his hand through her hair, her head in his lap? they’re smiling because marlene finally worked up the courage to talk to dorcas meadowes from herbology today, dumbass

• arab sirius black kisses everyone twice on each cheek whenever he sees them. everyone. dumbledore has been kissed by sirius before. there are no exceptions