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Toxic - Cristiano Ronaldo

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Toxic. That’s the only word that could describe our relationship. We weren’t good for each other. I couldn’t stop loving him, he was like a drug to me and I was addicted to his smile. 

We weren’t all bad though. He knew everything about me and vice versa. He knew how I liked my tea, how much I hated Manchester City and how I cried with happiness in the stands when Manchester United won the Champions League in 2008. I knew how he played football to make his family proud, I knew that he hated thunder and how he liked having his played with. 

But we were a secret, a guilty one. I was the girl that everyone thought he left behind in Manchester when he moved to Madrid and he was the mystery guy that my family never knew. 

The most important thing in the world to him split us up: his son. Well not his son, the action that produced his son. He cheated on me. Not the nice guy everyone knew.

I hadn’t seen Cristiano since he left and as far as I was concerned I wouldn’t ever. I was adamant that I would never ever forgive him. He had broken my heart and left the club he claimed to love. 

It made me sick that the crowds still sang his name as loudly as the first time and that he was the talk of the city when every transfer window rolled around because rumours came out that he was coming back. 

“Are you going to the game tonight?” My colleague Dan asked. It was Manchester United and Real Madrid at Old Trafford, the preseason game.

“Nah, I never go to games vs Madrid games remember?”

“Oh yeah, why is that?”

“Don’t like them. Are you?”

“Haven’t got a ticket remember? Luke’s using it.”

“Take mine. I don’t need it.” I said handing Dan the ticket from my back pocket and he hugged tightly.

“I owe you!”

I could hear the chants of glory from Old Trafford from my flat. I had lived here since I was 18 and I loved it. I knew already that Manchester United had beat Real Madrid and that was enough for me. 

I leant out of my window and saw the reds running around the street. Songs echoed the streets and I smiled before leaning back inside and closing the window. Oh, how I loved my city.

I looked around the room and took it all in. There were dents on the wall from fights with him when I threw stuff at the wall, stains on the carpet from his clumsiness and I still had the signed shirt from the team that he had gotten me. He was everywhere. I don’t know why I thought about him so much when he’d probably forgotten about me.

Sky Sports filled my flat with sound. They were talking about the game and an interview with Cristiano came on.

“Cristiano how is it to be back in Manchester? Have you missed anything?” The interviewer said.

“It’s amazing, the reception is…. unbelievable. I have missed a lot, and a lot of people. I missed seeing the players, like Wayne because we don’t get to see each other a lot, and Sir Alex, he is like a Father to me and I’m so grateful to him.”

“Anything you’re disappointed with?”

“The result obviously, we didn’t play as good as we normally do but Manchester United played like the amazing club they are. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see someone that I thought would be here tonight because I need to talk to them but everything will work out.”

“Nice talking to you Cristiano.”

“You too.”

And the interview was over. He was probably talking about Juniors Mum, whoever and wherever she was.

A knock broke me out of my hate thoughts and I went to answer it. I opened it and there stood Cristiano. My mouth dropped and before he could speak I slammed the door.

What the hell? How did he remember this place? Why was he here? He couldn’t be here. 

I peaked out the hole in the door and saw him standing there.

“Y/N, I know you’re in there.” He spoke impatiently.

“Go away.” 

“I’ll stand here all night. And that will result in press and paparazzi outside your door. You don’t want that do you?” He spoke. He was right. I didn’t want the press to assume that I was some kind of booty call. I opened the door and pulled him harshly inside. 

“What the hell? Why are you here?” I spoke angrily. What right did he have to be here?

“We need to talk.”

“About what? I haven’t seen you for 6 years! You broke my heart and left the club that you loved!” I yelled at him, not caring if the neighbours would hear.

“I left because-” I cut him off.

“Because of the money! You don’t give a damn about the club and you never did! God, do you not know how much you hurt the club? And yet Old Trafford still sings your name, and you don’t deserve it at all.” I kept yelling and he stood there taking it in until I was finished.

“Y/N please calm down. I left because Madrid was my home, not because I don’t love Manchester, or I don’t love you.” He spoke softly, trying to find eye contact.

“Love me? You don’t love me!”

“I do Y/N. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. I’ve tried to forget about you but being back here made me miss you. I had to see you.” Cristiano said, grabbing my chin to look into my eyes. “Please.”

“No.” I said, pulling away from his grip. “That won’t work on me. You’re not the same person.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” 

I didn’t have an answer. The old Cristiano was immature, insensitive and still acted like a boy. But that was the Cristiano I fell in love with. The wonky teethed, stupid haired, and loud laughed Cristiano. Not the straight teeth, spiked hair and well trained Cristiano. 

“I can’t do this Cris. Not again. I can’t put myself through it. Because I’ve also changed. I’m happy now and a toxic relationship won’t ruin that. So if you don’t mind, could you please leave?”


“Pon un Sergio en tu vida y te ira mucho mejor y más tranquilo. Estoy muy satisfecho del trabajo colectivo del equipo y no es solo un cabezazo mío. Tenemos una afición que nos anima y nos apoya, y a la que se le nota la ilusión hasta el último segundo. También son ellos los que rematan”.

“Tenemos grandes lanzadores y estoy muy satisfecho de que esa jugada nos dé el objetivo al equipo, que son los tres puntos del otro día. En mi caso mantengo siempre una mentalidad positiva y optimista, y hay que estar convencido hasta el último momento que es posible. Es el adn de nuestro escudo y de nuestra historia y nos obliga a luchar hasta el final”.

“Get a Sergio in your life and you’ll find that things will go much better for you and that all will run smoothly. I’m really satisfied with the side’s collective efforts and it’s not just all about what I do with my head. We’ve got a fan base that gets behind us and supports us and whose excitement right until the final whistle is really noticeable. They’re also the ones who help to put the ball in the back of the net”.

“We’ve got some great set-piece takers and I’m so pleased that this piece of play saw us secure our objective, which were the three points. On a personal note, I always remain positive and optimistic and you’ve got to fully believe that you can do it right up until the last. It’s part of the DNA of this badge and the club’s history and that makes it our duty to fight until the end”.

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