ara general belgrano

After the war, Conqueror returned to Faslane, flying a Jolly Roger adorned with torpedoes, a customary act of Royal Navy submarines after a kill. When asked about the incident later, Commander Wreford-Brown responded, “The Royal Navy spent thirteen years preparing me for such an occasion. It would have been regarded as extremely dreary if I had fouled it up”

The USS Phoenix at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The ship survived the attack and was later sold to Argentina, which renamed it ARA General Belgrano. On 2 May 1982 a British nuclear submarine launched it torpedoes to the vessel and caused it to sink, costing 321 Argentinian marines their lives. This was a decisive action, that lead to the British victory in the Falklands War. It also was the only time in history that a nuclear submarine came into action in a war.