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That One Pastel Place - 360 Video

by Craig Blackmoore


Daewoo AR-100

Civilian model of the South Korean K2 rifle, the AR-100 is often considered a hybrid of the AK and AR platforms. They were imported as the AR-100′s in the original side-folding stock configuration but later models were turned into sporting rifle with thumbhole stocks. Note the low profile picatinny rail which is an aftermarket addition. The factory rifles did not have this feature but modern versions of the K2 might. (GRH)


Armalite AR-180

Semi-automatic civilian model of the AR-18, this rifle is chambered in 5.56x45mm. Infamously known as the “Widowmaker”, a nickname given to it by the IRA. There are three variants of the AR-180; same configuration but different places of production. The AR-180 was built in Costa Mesa (U.S), Sterling (England) and Howa (Japan). Between the 3, the Japanese built rifles have the cleanest seams and welds but overall value is about the same for all 3. (GRH)