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Social Sandbox Mega Recap Post

I’m leaving NPR. As a present to myself, I made this guide to almost every single Social Sandbox post from last November to the present, organized by topic.  (Here’s the web version if you want to bookmark it or send it to your coworkers or pass along to a friend.) - Mel

(If you want to follow me beyond this, I’m melodykramer and @mkramer on Twitter.) 

First up: Why Does the Sandbox Exist?  / Best Of / 7 Things You Can Do Pretty Easily Without Wasting a Lot of Time That Will Have a Decent Return for the Amount of Effort You Put In / Make Stories More Shareable with the Quotable Tool / Steal this sign idea from Mountain Stage. It’s smart. /  NPR’s mission statement  / How to Follow NPR Reporters on Social  / Guide to the API









[socialsandbox] Vox, Fargo, AR Journalism

Hi everyone,

I gave a talk on Saturday at ISOJ about how NPR is currently approaching digital analytics. Here is the text of the speech. The slides are here

Some of the stuff I learned at the conference:

From a business angle, respondents who saw a “Respect” button instead of a “Like Button” in a comments section clicked on more comments in a comment section

If you’re creating an outline, making a to-do list, blogging or organizing a product, there’s a really simple outlining platform called Fargo. It’s free. (An example of how it is used.)

The lapubliclibrary is using huge QR codes (disguised as murals) to communicate with phone apps. It’s called AR — for augmented reality. There’s so much potential here. For example, you could have a spot with a large mural, and an app that would play audio stories associated with that location over time, if the app is pointed at the mural. 

Elise Hu passes along this slideshare from Upworthy called “The Sweet Science of Virality.” 

VOX launched last night. I especially like the way they allow each card to be shared — and explicitly state that it should be shared

A lot of people have expressed interest in the Python classes I mentioned but cannot come to the class. All of the lessons are online here. I also found Learn Python the Hard Way to be really helpful. 

6 Takeaways from the Digital News Revenue Summit — (#5 is relevant to member stations) 

- melodykramer