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More ethnic diversity in gaming press staff NOW!

Gamasutra, Kotaku Polygon, Ars Technica and Rock Paper Shotgun have an overwhelming majority of white employees.
Ethnic diversity is of the utmost importance in all companies, institutions and media in order to creative diversity of ideas and representation of all people not just people of one ethnic background.
These companies have created white dominated spaces while erasing the interests of people of color with their evidently discriminatory hiring practices; hiring an all-white staff and then one or two minorities as an afterthought as token people of color rather than out of genuine interest in creating an ethnically diverse space.
They need to address these staffing issues right away and create a more culturally diverse environment in their companies.

[Ar’tenna]: Alright. We’re going through to that room, with or without your permission.
[Roe’allant]: Then it’s without.

A starkind in the form of a griffon, much like Ar’tenna is that of a pony. Charged with the protection of a tomb for over a thousand years, his mind has waned in the centuries of isolation, forgetting friend from foe, but his sense of duty remained. Only after the party fought through his magically empowered form did he return to his senses, allowing the party through to the room beyond which contained the information they sought.

So I actually made this approximately seven to eight months ago. But got swept up in other goings on that it was put off for a long time. But back when I posted the first edition of the boss journal series, followers voiced their interest in seeing it continued. So here’s number two! There’s one major boss left that we fought so far, and I’ll have that posted when time allows.