This is Aqutaq, a two year old female arctic wolf. She is a socialized wolf ambassador for her owners ongoing advocacy for the protection of wolf species.

OP/Submitter: “Aqutaq is socialized,” says Starr, “But this is not the same thing as being domesticated which is a process of breeding over time. She is still very much a wild animal, though one bonded to a mixed pack of two humans and a giant woolly Alaskan malamute. We live in the country on a large and very safely enclosed property and she is given as much freedom as we can provide.”

In addition to having a naturally-landscaped, large enclosure to roam, Aqutaq is taken out regularly and, where it is safe and legal, given the opportunity to run freely while Starr is with her.

“She loves us enough to come back when we need her to,” says Starr of Aqutaq.

In the indigenous Alaskan Yupik language, her name means ice cream! :)