Note: This happend a few years ago, so I’m not sure about which classes we were and don’t remember any names involved with this campaign the dialogue was somewhat like how I’m gonna note it down. It was also one of my first campaigns and we didn’t really do a in and out of character thing outside of conversations with NPC’s back then.

a friend and I were in a tower which was next to a mud swamp, in the swamp we previously aquired some mud-worm as a pet (which needed to be covered with mud every few hundred steps or sth).

It all started in front of a door.

Me(ooc): I’m taking a look at the door.

DM: It is a sturdy door with no keyhole.

Me(ooc): hmm… alright. I go through it and take a look at the room on the other side.

*Friend follows with his character*

DM: *places around 10-12 small enemies in the room* They have noticed you.

Me: Uhm, hello. It seems we’ve gotten lost can you tell us the way to (different building which was near the tower)?  [sidenote: we were already in the second or third floor of the tower]

one of the enemies: You shoudn’t be here. Now you’re going to be our prisoners.

DM: They draw their weapons.

Me(ooc): I leave the room.

DM: *moving only my figure out of the room* The door closes behind you. It is now locked.

Me(ooc): I… meant together with (friend’s name)…

*Friend proceeds to look at me angrily*

Me(ooc): Do I still have an action?

DM: yes.

I decided to roll strength against the door, failing, and then proceeded to throw my body against the door, which opened it.

DM: Your character is now in a knocked down state, he will get up again in 3 turns.

Me(ooc): Shit.

Friend(ooc): I call for the mudworm.

*ground shaking*

*mudworm appears out of the ground* [which means it must have dug through at least two floors and the empty space between, because we left him outside in order to not have to use too much mud]

Friend: Alright wormy it’s lunchtime!

and then the worm proceeded to eat all the enemies. We didn’t get any exp but at least we lived.

My ex’s life was music. He had a ton of amps and guitars and such. We broke up and he took what he could fit in his car, which wasn’t much. I agreed to hold onto his music equipment until he could move it. Some weeks later I was cleaning out my room and I found several articles of women’s clothing, along with a necklace that didn’t belong to me. I checked with my friends to see if maybe someone left it after staying over. It didn’t belong to a single one of them. The only other explanation was that my ex had been bringing some other girl into MY HOME. So what do I do? I LEGALLY aquired his music equipment (with the right letters and documentation it’s considered abandon after 60 days) and sold it. Made a pretty penny too.

in which Lotor does something right, then fucks up

Lotor: Once more I have come with gifts for my paladins of voltron! I heard the crazy man with a broom is not home and decided to take the oppertunity

Lotor: I have bought this”hand held” human game device for the green paladin, its suppose to be powered by the light of stars

Pidge:(sNATCH) (flees to horder hole)

Lotor: I have gotten the yellow paladin a stuffed sack of hair meant to illastrate a earth animal (hands hunk the cutest damn teddy bear you ever seen)

Hunk:dawww (hugs it)

Lotor:(after rightfully taking a picture of the purest thing to happen in the universe) For the blue paladin I have collected the abandoned homes of equatic life for you to enjoy looking at (hands sea shells)

Lance: thanks! (looks at shells with whistfull expression)

Lotor:(nods) For princess Allura I have aquired the nearly exstinct plant known as the junarberry to present to you

Allura: (doesnt want to accept gift, really wants gift, begrungingly takes plant) I accept this as a offering of good will, not as a courting gift

Lotor: I will accept the current terms of accepting the plant (turns to keith) and finnally for the black paladin and fellow half garla I have brought the traditional courting gift (brings out a space prisoner) a gladiator of true merrit that rivaled the champion in prowess, at your command as a guard for your body


Keith:you have a minute and a half to get off this ship before I start removing teeth from your mouth and shoving them into your eyes

Lotor:(running for life like a smart boy) that went excellent! most of the paladins did not threaten nor maim me and the black paladin acknowledged my presence!


What if squibs don’t have magic because their magic is too strong for it’s vessel. So it get’s unnoticeably ripped from the childs body, split into several parts and flung across the world. The magic kinda floats around until it passes by a vessel that contains no magic, but is compatible. Usually this vessel is a newborn or a small child. So the child aquires the magic, and thus; a muggleborn wizard is created.

Holy shit that’s a ton of fusion experiments.

How many dead crystal gems were there? Or did they bring some corpses from Homeworld?

That sounds really bad.




“Once it emerges it will be much much bigger than the earth.”


Okay that’s… bad. Catastrophically bad. This is way worse than what I imagined, it won’t only destroy the world but Homeworld will aquire a planet sized weapon comprised of millions of corpse bits of gems.

This is so fucked up I don’t even have the words.

We’re fucked.

I’m not the most artistically gifted person even though I do draw some things really well…but also sometimes it’s nice to be able to create borders or other designs quickly. With that in mind I’ve begun to aquire some things that might help with that. These are a few stamps I’ve found at the local hobby store…I’ll be using them in my Grimoire to help decorate and design pages. Stamps and stamp pads or ink are relatively cheap and offer just one more way to customize and personalize your craft…

I’m still looking for a pentagram and candle lol


The Functions as Typology Systems

Ti: Alignment - Frequently used by NEEEERDS, complete with Charts, Diagrams and Memes, and many discussions on fine distinctions. Was made up because ppl wanted *more precision* than just Good & Evil; Descriptive in style, allows to estimate what actions an individual would consider to chose.

Ne: MBTI - Mix of both self-improvement-y and versatile uses from the personal/self-understanding to the job performance optimizing end; Massively helps you understand other points of view. Probably has the most in-jokes.

Ni: Socionics - Super methodical and in-depht, some stuff on ideal work environments, seems to have considered everything.  Despite it’s overall brilliance & usefulness, sometimes gets a bit too dogmatic in its predictions.

Si: Hogwarts House - Less about inborn or environmentally imprinted and more about chosen/aquired qualities, gives you a basic idea of a person’ values, philosophies and their idea of worthwhile work/contribution, also fondly reminds you of your childhood <3

Se: Essence Type - Talks about ‘movement’, style of action and the basic ‘vibes’ you catch from a person, supposedly the fundamental, pre/post frills of a person and straightforward to determine/ picture, relatively non-prescriptive. 

Fe: Temperament - Basically describes the inertia level and flavor of people’s moods; Few categories (blends & specifications nonwithstanding) but very distinctive ones, useful to know for dealing with them, widely known so people get what you’re talking about.  

Te: Big 5/SLOAN - Focus more on hard, externally observable traits than explanatory power, “famed” for it’s reliable results. Probably more suited to getting stable statistics/quantifications and determining the question of, “Can this sucker do this one job?” than individual discovery. 

Fi: Enneagram - All about motivations, cultivating self-awareness, squishy hidden feels and how we are all screwed. X thousand varieties so you can find the one that fits you just right. Organic connection to genre aesthetics, bound to make you cry.