aquino cojuangco



will i get shot or get stabbed 7 times or just killed in general for posting this Mr. President Aquino?

It’s appalling how much anger, malice, and resentment have been going around this week.

First, PinoyMonkeyPride’s Aquino Cojuanco video. We can go on and on debating about the historical content, not to mention intention, of the video, and I would love to share my take on it and hear others’ stand, but did this happen? Hardly. More than scholarly and civilized discourse were attacks of insults and prejudice filling blogs and threads written people who chose to take advantage of the anonymity offered by cyberspace to take a hit on people actually urging for constructive debate.

Then we have people who do argue in a calm and formal manner, but just reeks of narrow-mindedness. These are the learned people who attack you with fallacious arguments sugarcoated by deep, scientific terms, but is actually them, borrowing Dr. de Castro’s words, ‘telling someone to go to hell while making him/her look forward to it.’

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across the word 'Noytard’ this week. This seems to be the best rebuttal some people can give when trying to defend the video.

Then we have Banchetto. I must agree that the event organizers were at fault, but then the same people I mentioned above trooped to their keyboards to give the administration a piece of their mind. Taking the statement of the management, they called of the sky lantern gathering during a last minute meeting because of safety concerns. Perhaps people were just overly excited about 11.11.11 (which I don’t quite understand because as far as I’m concerned, everyday is 11.11.11, but that’s beside the point) to gather some common sense about letting loose hundreds or thousands of fire-fueled lanterns into the sky, but again, I disagree that such hurtful words could have eased the situation.

Human beings are such fascinating creatures precisely because we have emotions. But perhaps that is the same reason why we can easily become the laughing stock of the entire animal kingdom.

And we scoff about how barbaric and uncivilized animals can be?

People have been blaming everything and anyone for the shit we’re in right now, but perhaps we should all take some time to reflect and realize how big of an asshole we ourselves really are. 

The average Filipino is so easily swayed by pretty animation and dramatic musical scores, not entirely because they are gullible, but because they are frustrated with the current system.

What irks me the most is how so many have just lost all decency because of such a one-sided narrative with a dubious set of sources. For the universe’s sake, to resort to backmasking and Da Vinci-like symbolisms to prove a point? That’s a sign of desperation. 

And besides, the infinity sign that is allegedly formed from the yellow ribbon looks more like the female reproductive system to me.

Let’s hope for more sensible debate to come. ASAP. Before the country implodes.