aquiloquepenso  asked:

Hello!!! Your YoI Thumbelina AU is so cute!!! I love your style. I have a YpI fan page on facebook, and I would like to know if I would have the permission to translate it to Portuguese and post there? I'll put all your credits, of course! (If you want I can send you the page link per message for you to check first.) Thanks for listening!

Thank you! And yes you may so long as you credit me and I would indeed like the link to be sure~<3 

Art Raffle


to thank you guys and to celebrate having broken the 100 followers mark i’ll do another art raffle :D

1. Prize: Cell Shading Drawing with Abstract Background (Max 2 Characters)

2. Prize: Normal Drawing with Simple Background (Max 2 Characters)

the last Person to win this Prize got the following drawing;

3. Prize: colored Doodle (max 3 characters)

4. Prize: colored Doodle (Only 1 character)

5. Prize: Doodle (max 2 Characters)


  • In order to participate, you have to reblog this
  • i will NOT draw any pornographic content as a prize
  • the Deadline is 28th of January

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Que vontade da tua barba no meu pescoço, das mordidinhas na minha orelha, dos beijos na ponta do nariz, da tua mão na minha fazendo carinho, dos sussurros de “cheirosa” e de você aqui comigo.
—  Aquela Garota