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Caius had been coming back from his patrol in a stormcloak controlled fort. But upon passing honeystrand cave, his nostrils flared at the notice of alchemical ingredients, and it didn’t helpe a short Imperial woman with wild hair was present. He furrowed his brow, staring at her hatefully as he was already suspicious of the  woman.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Treating the Grey [Aquila, Ethis]

Ethis limped through the woods clutching a nasty wound in his side. Damn bandits got the best of him while he was on a job. Filthy fetchers left a nasty wound in his side too. It didn’t help that the nearest town was a few miles off. He wouldn’t make it in time.

He continue though the woods before collapsing to the ground. His vision was beginning to blur and the blood from his wound continued to seep out. He could feel himself become weaker and his head became dizzy. He gritted his teeth as he continued to crawl along, his vision beginning to blur. He true to move forward with one last push but he did not have the strength and he collapsed on the ground. It would take some quick work and a miracle to help him now.

A Remedy For Nothing! [Aquila + Alouvicidion]

What do you do when a sickness is in your head? 

Do you seek out a cure for something deep in the mind? 

Do you go to a healer and tell them ‘It’s there, but it isn’t!’ and hope they understand? 

Or do you just go on with your life and pretend the sickness isn’t there at all? 

Nonsense. You find a healer, demand they fix it, and never tell them precisely what’s wrong! 

Eventually they’ll find the sickness, though whether they can cure it or not is entirely up to you. 

Lou had to admit, he was un-equivocally enthralled with The Rift and all it had to offer; From the autumnal deciduous forests that showered him with natural Septims every time he bumped a tree, to the chaos teeming under the beautiful surface in the form of the Black-Briar shenanigans or any of Riften’s numerous better halves. 

Oh, yes. Much of this and much of that made for simply wondrous delights! It was no wonder Alouvicidion decided to keep a cottage here for when he required sleep. 

Only.. His cottage wasn’t where he’d last left it. Mayhaps it’d gotten up and walked off again? Gosh, he sure hoped not! All the same, a nice and peaceful hike around the area couldn’t hurt while he searched for the nifty little cottage surrounded with Wolfsbane and Poppy flowers. 

Though as you can imagine, he did not end up finding it. Instead, most reluctantly, he found himself at the business end of a pack of wolves who, indeed, he knew! Garger and Flanktail he liked to call them, a pair of highly intelligent wolves who, in actuality, were not wolves, but a pair of thieves that had once tried to raid his house whom promptly found their consciousnesses switched into the bodies of the wolves. 

..And as you can imagine, their bodies now had wolf-minds in them, and boy you have not seen a wild goose chase until you’ve seen a pair of feral men running through riften, tearing people’s faces off and biting into limbs! For three whole hours the hunt had gone on until finally the guards chased the pair into the ratways, where the feral pair were left in the hands of the 'non-existant thieve’s guild’. 

Ah, yes. But the pair hadn’t been quite happy about losing their human bodies.. And, unfortunately for Lou, he didn’t have his massive garden of Wolfsbane to keep the pair away this time. 

That, in general, is how Alouvicidion found himself wandering into the Honey-Strand Cavern with a shredded right arm hanging limp at his side, one of his finer shredded silver-gold robes adorning the albino-esque 'Mer. Catching the sign out of the corner of his eye, however, Alouvicidion back-tracked and reached up with his left arm to grip the rope, slapping it around like a dead fish to ring the bell. 

“Strange,” he mumbled to himself and slicked back the parts of his hair that had escaped their bindings, “I didn’t realize bears could operate rope now! They learned how to 'bell' ages ago, but rope? The audacity!" 

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The redguard turned naga was out hunting and gathering ingredients for her daughter when she heard someone else approach. Quickly she she spotted a three with dense foliage and climb on it, hopping that who ever was passing by wouldn’t notice her.


KAAAAAADE I BLAME YOU! The second I start telling you about how I can’t produce art on a daily basis like you can YOU FABULOUS PERSON these just sort of pop out. THEY JUST HAPPENED. 

A scene from Arpees! With horrible, TERRIBLE background! (Gahaha I hate backgrounds so much agh) BUT. ANYWHO. Two versions! Because I didn’t like that you could only see Lou and couldn’t see Aquila AND SO I TRIED TO DRAW AQUILA AND SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE AQUILA BUT THERE YOU GO. 8D I don’t hate this, I’m just very embarrassed by it. ._. 

Gonna go catch up on replies again because I forgot everything. Just.. amdfnkgd. HNNGH. 

((Probably won’t be around much this evening, as I’m not feeling well, but I wanted to post this. I believe it’s Aquila’s birthday today, and was the mod’s last week, so of course there had to be crappy Frith!Mod art.

It’s a bit quick and unfinished, again because I’m not well, but maybe it isn’t unbearably terrible?))

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aquilainthewoods said: She giggled and returned the embrace, speaking in a teasing tone. “Lovely little lips.. Bet there are a-a few b-b-boys who agree with me..” An obnoxious puckering was directed at the Breton.

A smack, light and playful, was given to Aquila’s arm as Brielle pulled away. “You stop that.” It would have been a firm order, but the laugh that slipped out shortly after made it anything but demanding.

She bit down on her lip and waved a hand before her face, as if she were trying to fan away Aquila’s words. “There are better looking women,” she said. “And I’m sure that they have lovelier lips than I do. Besides, I already have-“

Now wait. Would that just be more teasing material for her friend? Probably so, she decided, and quickly added a “Never mind” to the unfinished sentence.

[[Erissa and Aquila. Closed RP]]

Erissa made it to Riften with her wolf pup Accalia. Erissa enjoyed having Accalia with her all the time, but part of it was due to necessity. Asher and Elithiel still didn’t know that she was keeping Acallia in their house and didn’t want to think about what would happen if she left Acallia there and they found her. 

She shook the thoughts from her mind as she traveled to Honeystrand Cave. It was more of a journey than she anticipated, Accalia kept running off the road to chase rabbits or foxes and Erissa had to chase her and bring her back. Finally Erissa arrived outside of Honeystrand Cave, she noticed a sign with a bell attached. She rang the bell and almost immediately after she rang the bell Accalia darted into the cave. “Accalia come back!” Erissa yelled chasing after her. 

Who Will Guard The Guardians Themselves?

Finally… He had made it. Or so he hoped.

The traverse to Honeystrand Cave from Riften, normally a mere stroll of less than a day for the seasoned adventurer, had been an experience more akin to a strenuous, back-breaking hike across the entire province for the weary Knight-Paladin. His brow, beaded with sweat from a fever yet reluctant to release its grip upon his ravaged body, felt as if it raged with the scourge of the very sun. Ancient bones protested with every inch the aged elf shifted forwards, his joints grinding and crunching as the searing heat of inflammation beat down upon them. His whole body was stiff, immobile, unwilling to move in the slightest, the debilitating illness constricting its grip upon the Snow Elf with greater ferocity by the day. It was only his unwavering resolve that propelled him still, his stubbornness not once permitting even a glimpse of a yield.

As he dragged his feet the final few steps towards the clearing surrounding the cave that the alchemist reportedly resided in, Gelebor winced as he caught sight of his bloodied arm. It was all too clear where the wolf that had crossed him had hungrily plunged its barbarously sharp fangs into his exposed flesh. His bicep pulsed with fervent agony, the puncture wounds still fresh and openly weeping bitter tears of deep crimson that stained the pale ivory of his skin. He surely could have dodged the rabid, baying animal, had he not been struck down by the ailment that dogged him so. Right now, he had not the energy to even reach for his sword, let alone summon forth the cool, soothing wisps of Restoration to calm his raging wounds.

Composing himself and assuming as eloquent a stance as he could muster, Gelebor pulled sharply on the string of the little bell just outside the entrance. The informative sign just by the diminutive chiming dome certainly sounded promising. Now, to hope that the one he had conversed with about the matter at hand was present…

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[[ Luth x Aquila ]]

  • Name: Rostei 
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Having the tanned skin of Luth and the wild hair of Aquila, she is a boundless ball of energy and hair. Standing at about 5’ with a slim build, clad in her buckskin garments she loves to just run around barefoot through the woods and around the lake. With several freckles on her cheek and pointed mer like ears, she has startled more then one person traveling the road just by swinging by and smiling at them.
  • Personality:  Happy to a fault almost, she never seems to stop having fun or inventing ways to make things fun for herself and everyone involved. If she finds someone or something that is having a rough day, she will go out of her way to make them smile.
  • Special Talents: Hyperactive ball of energy!
  • Who they like better: Luth
  • Who they take after more: Sheogorath!?!? 
  • Personal Head canon: Born of some kind of attempt to make Rose Tea, that resulted in an explosion, this little one was created from random hair and bits of things about Aquila’s cave. At a loss of what to do she kept the child. Growing up the people would talk of a wild creature in the woods that would just run around and swing from trees, giggling and having fun that it often scared them when she would hang upside down from tree limbs over the road and ask if they would like some apple cider.
Hoofbeats & Honeybees [Aquila|Halldis]

The door to Vilemyr Inn closed with a heavy thud behind her. She had known that she’d be unlikely to find a proper gift for Elspeth and Trygve there, but had thought it might be worth a shot. Bringing something for them wasn’t entirely necessary, but she didn’t like arriving at someone’s house empty handed, especially since it would be her first visit. After all, they were opening their home to her, the least she could do was bring something nice in return. Normally, she might have shown up with a deer, pheasant, or maybe fish…something of that nature. But she knew that Trygve was a hunter, so those were the sorts of things he could get for himself.

However on her way out of the Inn someone, a rather cheerful looking Bosmer who seemed not to be bothered by much of anything, had made mention of an Imperial woman who lived nearby who sold various things. After getting some simple directions from him, Halldis had quickly left and was now striding quickly back to her horse. When she approached him with nothing in her hands he snorted loudly and extended his nose out towards her, as though he were trying to pick up a scent. She shook her head as she led him back towards the road that ran through the center of town, “ Hah! You think I bought you some apples, don’t you? I didn’t buy anything,” at this point Uthur snorted again and laid his ears back, making him look rather displeased, “You can just stop pouting, it’s your fault we’re out anyway.”

Halldis mounted the horse once they were nearer to the bridge that crossed Lake Geir on the south end of the city, and urged him into a steady trot. His hooves made pleasant clopping sounds against the stones beneath them, it was a sound that she’d always sort of liked, though she was not entirely sure why. The kindly Bosmer at the Inn had said to head straight across the bridge, pull off of the road, and into the trees and keep her eyes peeled for a cave. The directions had seemed odd, how would she know if she’d found the right cave? There were caves scattered all across Skyrim, some sitting almost right next to one another while being completely separate caverns. But as she rode the air was soon filled with the buzzing of bees, and a small cave came into view, with a sign hanging out front. Once she was close enough, the Nord quickly dismounted and led her horse forward towards the entrance. With no one in sight, and not wanting to be rude and just walk right in uninvited, she called out, “Hello? Anyone home?”