aquila talks


not to sound like a cheesy old white lady but this cover of bloody tears is breathtaking bro

Send me a constellation
  • Andromeda: My muse will talk about a time in their life when they felt endangered.
  • Aquila: My muse will talk about a time they helped someone else reach a goal.
  • Cetus: My muse will talk about something that caused them strife, but they overcame.
  • Columba: My muse will talk about something that gave them hope.
  • Coma Berenices: My muse will talk about a sacrifice they've made for the greater good.
  • Eridanus: My muse will talk about something that lead them to ruin.

a list of quality ratonhnhaké:ton quotes that, in my opinion, deserve way more attention:

  • “will i get something for my troubles, aside from impressing a 12 year old girl?”
  • “fishing is a nice change of pace at times”
  • “stop. poking me”
  • “oh. OH! well, good for you!”
  • [falls out of tree] “what? i meant to do that”
  • “we don’t know what’s on the other side!” “we do now”
  • “i expect an apology when i return”
  • “how do i look?” “ridiculous”
  • [wins a bocce ball match] “victory is sweet”
  • “and instead you ask us to, what, shell all of new york?” “no of course not. only part of it”
  • “this next part you may not like” “as if i have liked the others?”
  • “recovered from your beating then?”
  • “is that so, old man? or perhaps we should step outside? i will gladly demonstrate how easily i could trounce… you”
  • “THAT’S IT” [bashes a guy’s face in with a checkers board]
  • “i will uncover this mystery myself!”
  • [finds norris in an outhouse] “oh… i will find you later then”

feel free to add more