aquila game reserve

The 1st of September is commonly related with radiance, bliss and the commencing of a new season, spring; however this spring day things have been done with a difference. As South Africans we have been invited to wear black on this spring day. The whole idea around wearing black symbolizes the following:

It is an ongoing process that has no end, and we are fed up with the poachers and how easy it has become for them to get away with such a selfish act.

In memory of all the rhinos which have been killed for their horns along with ABSA the rhino from Aquila Game Reserve whom has sparked a media frenzy.

Our rhino population are facing a gloomy future if nothing is done about the poaching situation in South Africa at the moment.

Let’s come together as a nation and support this cause by spreading the word, wearing black and adding a rhino badge to our Facebook profile. If rhinos could speak, I believe they would say: “Please help keep us horny”.