[Detail] Provost Marshal’s Office, Aquia Creek.
Winter of 1862-1863
Negative by Timothy H. O'Sullivan
Published in [Alexander] Gardner’s Sketch Book [sic] of the [Civil] War
Rare Book, Special Collections Department
Maryland Historical Society
E 468.7 .G22, Vol. 1

“One of the first operations of the war (upon the Potomac) was the destruction of the wharf and depot of the Fredericksburg and Richmond Railroad at Aquia Creek…
When the rebels gave up the blockade of the Potomac, quite a chain of works existed here. In the winter of 1862 it became the base of supplies for the army at Falmouth; the wharf was rebuilt, greatly enlarged and improved, and quite a town of hastily but well-constructed buildings put up; among them, and close upon the railroad track, the Provost Marshal’s office.” - Gardner’s Sketch Book of the War

Alexander Gardner (October 17, 1821 – December 10, 1882):
In 1866, Gardner published a two-volume work, Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War. Each volume contained 50 hand-mounted original prints.