Our 2016 predictions!

Here we all are in the new year! Who knows what the future will hold? We’ve got some ideas:

Sea otters will remain the undisputed furry-weight champions of the world.

Nudibranchs will release a musical gastropodcast.

Octopuses will learn to speak human.

Pelican-based anchovy delivery services will be short-lived. 

Gotham Aquarium will give rise to an aquatic vigilante.

Whatever the case, we can’t wait to sea what the year has in shore. Happy New Year everyone!

Stan D'arde's Summer Essentials

The Pool at The Standard, Miami

For me, weekends are the greatest days of the week.  Actually, my entire week is really like a seven day weekend, but I like to focus on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when my friends don’t have to go a thing they call a “job” (what is that????), and they have time to hang out with me.  

Now that I find myself spending a lot of time in NYC during the summer, the friends and I usually run out to my beach house for the weekend or we fly down to The Standard, Miami for endless spa services or we go to LA to hang out with celebs and all the fabulous people I know at The Standard, Hollywood or The Standard, Downtown LA.  

But no matter where I go, there are certain things I always need to take with me, and I’m here today to share them with you because I know your weekends would fall apart without them…

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