aquatic makeup


We’re dinoflag-elated to meet you! Our Kelp Forest exhibit is still blooming with Akashiwo sanguinae phytoplankton. The Mountain Dew hue of the water is caused by trillions of single-celled algae—each one half the width of a human hair. These blooms have happened at the Aquarium before—in fact, a similar event nearly derailed the filming of Star Trek IV!

One of these ridiculously tiny rusty rocket-ships was photographed by our water quality specialists under a microscope. Every day, our collective of cool chemists characterizes the aquatic makeup of the Aquarium to keep our critters content. So far, this bloom is just a novelty inside our building—but in the wild, these blooms can create a sea foam that acts like a detergent to the water-proofing oils of bird feathers.

This beautiful bloom is a reminder to all of us human-scale beings that over 60% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by ocean organisms on the same scale—and smaller—as this particularly imposing phytoplankter. Green food dye for thought! 

MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection First Impression + Swatches!

This collection finally was released online Thursday & so far I’ve only purchased 4 things from this collection because everything else sold out so fast. I do plan to go back to my MAC counter thursday to look at everything else and get the other items I have had my eyes on.

Now, I got one of the extra dimension blushes in “Sea Me, Hear Me” & I also purchased 3 of the extra dimension eyeshadows in the shades: Fathoms Deep, Soul Serenade, and Lorelei.

Now lets state the obvious, the packaging for this collection is gorgeous and unique. The water drops look so real and matched with the teal coloring it looks just stunning. I usually don’t get too much into MAC collections, but the packaging along made me want to purchase something from the line.

Now for the blush when I first swatched it on my hand I got a little nervous, because the blush barely showed up on me. I noticed though that the color was very buildable, and gave a beautiful healthy sheen to my cheeks. This blush is a beautiful warm toned coral shade. The texture of this blush was so smooth it literally felt like butter.This blush was the item I was most excited about trying so I was glad that it ended up working for me.

Now, I was not planning on purchasing any eyeshadows from the collection, because I wasn’t sure if I need them. When I began to look up swatches online, I then became sold and told myself I needed to try them. I have never worn any extra dimension eyeshadows from MAC before, so I was excited to see the formula of these and how they applied.

Fathoms Deep: is a gorgeous smokey purple eyeshadow with just the perfect amount of shimmer. This is seriously so pretty, this is the perfect eyeshadow to create a dramatic or simple smokey eye.

Soul Serenade: is another gorgeous shade, at first I thought that this eyeshadow and fathoms deep looked pretty similar to each other but it is not. This shade is similar but has more hints of gray to it, as opposed to fathoms deep that has more hints of purple to it. This will be great for creating a smokey eye as well.

Lorelei: This was probably my favorite eyeshadow of the three, this shade is absolutely stunning. At first when I saw this eyeshadow I was like “I have several eyeshadows like this” and then when I was going through my eye drawer I realized I did not. This is such a unique shade, and looks beautiful on my eyelids. This is a universal shade for sure, that would look great as a all over the lid eyeshadow.

I really like the fact that these three eyeshadows are so unique and give such great color payoff. The texture of these eyeshadows were very creamy and smooth as well just as the blush was. I know most people shy away from eyeshadows in MAC collections most of the time, but I really recommend that you try these because they’re amazing. 

I am pretty impressed with the items I have so far, I really do recommend that you all go out to your counters May 22nd and get your hands on some of these items from the collection because it is amazeballs.