aquatic law


Deep Sea Guardian|Celestial Messenger
Every sea traveller knows the perils of open waters, from the feral winds to raging waves to vile creatures in waiting. For those who test their luck and lose there are the oceanic celestial spirits, dubbed “aquatic angels.” These Lawful Good beings exist to calm the fears of dying innocents and to lead the lifeless lost in Material Plane oceans to the shores of Lunia, the eternally shimmering oceans of the Outer Plane heavens. As blessed guides to an underworld, even a pleasant one, celestial mer-spirits are no strangers to the darker sides of existence, having to be judges for who is worth carrying. Most mortals have, and never will, lay eyes on one as they are only to be noticed when needed.

This aasimon in particular patrols waters of among common travel routes of black market cargo ships to bless unforunate castaways.


(SN: Mermaids/aquatic beings are my favourites from since I was a child; all my ocs were “mers”-somethings and even my first aliens were amphibious. Granted, I can’t swim and I’m terrified of the idea of being in open water. heh.)

Children under 5 are at risk around pools, wading pools, canals, the beach and other bodies of water. Experts believe prevention is as important, or more important than the ability to swim. Drains also pose a risk of injury and present a potential hazard. Long hair, necklaces and toys also pose a risk if children are not supervised. Bottom line, experts recommend that you do not leave small children unattended around water under any circumstances.