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katebish  asked:

Do you have any more deep sea science facts?

You bet I have more aquatic science facts! check this shit out:

That day-glo neon cool kid is a nudibranch. Yes, nudibranch is an actual word that you can use in a sentence, or in Scrabble. Nudibranches are p. much the corn of the sea world when it comes to variety in their environment. Like corn, these guys can show up almost anywhere. While these showy sea slugs are most prominent in shallow waters, they’ve also been spotted 8,200 ft down under the sea. 

Some of these kiddos are venomous. Others aren’t. Many nudibranches are not naturally poisonous, but will store stinging cells gathered from their food sources within their body and effectively steal other creature’s defense mechanisms. These are some of the tiniest, most flamboyant thieves in the world.

They’re basically tiny, super-colorful aquatic dragons. Except rather than breathe fire, some of them release clouds of venom. Also, all nudibranches are hermaphrodites! Also, also: remember that “real life Pokemon”? That was a nudibranch!

The Glaucaus Atlantica, to be precise, which - as mentioned above - steals the venom of it’s prey in order to become poisonous itself. This badass motherfucker eats man o’ war jellyfish (which are p. much deadlier than death itself) and stores the poison in it’s cool little fingers. In conclusion: nudibranches are stylish as all hell, remarkably tiny, and deadly to all enemies. What’s not to love?

anonymous asked:

Hey Connor! Can you give us some cool aquatic facts from your last job I like learning about that stuff and you seem to have a vast knowledge about it from your last job back home thanks buddy 😊😊😊😊

I wouldn’t call it vast but here’s some fun ones

- sharks have a sixth sense. They can detect the electrical current emanating from their prey and it’s how many hunt.
- cuttlefish not only can change their shape and coloring to blend into their surroundings, but can also change their gender
- in the deep ocean, where’s there’s no light, a wide variety of life are supported by geothermal vents. Many scientists think these environments could be where life first came about on this planet.
- the mantis shrimp have highly sensitive eyes that are able to perceive a wider variety of light beyond the visible spectrum humans can see
- the blue whale is the largest animal that has ever existed in the history of the planet, yet ironically we know very little about them. In addition, they almost exclusively eat one of the smaller organisms in the ocean, krill.
- no one has ever seen great white sharks mate in the wild

Fun Fact: Human beings are the only primates who store fat under the skin. This accounts for our smooth faces as compared to, say, chimps who have wrinkled faces even as babies. Oddly, the only other mammals who have this layer of fat are marine mammals like sea lions who use it to stay warm in the cold water. Another odd thing is our hair. The hair on our bodies is thin and lays down in a streamlined pattern when wet. Again, only marine mammals have this characteristic leading some to believe that at some point our ancestors were at least semi-aquatic.

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eyy [finger guns] did you know that cuttlefish are colorblind but they can see polarized light and they maybe use it to communicate with each other

goDDAMN HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT CUTTLE FISH. I FUCKIN LOVE THOSE KIDS. i did not know they were colorblind, and that only makes their awesome patterns so much more remarkable!

look at that iridescent lil fucker. they’re so stylish and happy. thank you so much for this valuable aquatic fun fact *finger guns back @ u*