aquatic dogs

Betta Fish Perks

>When they use objects for purposes other than what they’re intended for, like hiding behind the filter or heater
>Bubble nests! “Mom I made that!!”
>Aquatic dog
>Poking their head out of hides like “whazzup mother”
>Never ending staring contests you know you can’t win even when they look away u know they didn’t blink
>The exciting event of when they get new stuff
>Beauty and grace

I know there are so many of these but I had to

fun betta things

- when they get all wiggly for no reason
- only poking their head out of decorations’ holes
- flaring at nothing until you look at them and they stop
- “water puppy” “aquatic dogs”
- conceptually incorrect use of decorations
- being generally odd
- “why would u ever think thats okay for a betta” “oh wait thats. way bigger than i thought”
- accidentally waking your betta up and feeling bad
- loving ur betta so much