ill just do that here

this fruit tastes great, Pale. It very toxic though, only to animals and invaders of the planet, the natives have no problem stomaching it. For us it would be similar to the tastes of blue raspberry and cherry combo, it’s sour but not too much so. It’s a favorite among the people.

This one is called Tumor Fruit, the fruit itself reproduces by budding, the ‘tumors’ on it are young fruit, so for as long as the fruit is fresh you wouldnt have to buy more. It’s taste is similar to lemon and raspberry, it’s sweet with a sour after taste. 

Black Fruit’s skin is like velvet, it’s sweet and can be toxic in high amounts, it’s much favored by the people despite that. It tastes like a combination of strawberries, bananas, and yogurt.

To open this fruit you just twist it, the skin will split to reveal the berries inside, it’s just called Sweet Lemon. Although it tastes good as a fruit, when the berries are blended into a juice it tastes bitter.

hhhhh planets

Aquaterrah is my planet, home of Sanzphish (Boba from roshambo)

Mostly water with scattered islands, and four main island. Aquaterrah is the fourth to last planet in it’s system, outside the Prep Belt. It has one inhabited/inhabitable moon and a ring. It’s major cities are either under water or on water, a few major cities are in the coasts of islands.