aquash waterbrush

turtlesneedglasses  asked:

YOUR ART IS AMAZING!!! You're really talented! could you do Lance in a flower crown? ^-^ Also what stuff you use to make your art?

sure my dude!! here you go and i use watercolor tubes, pentel aquash waterbrush, micron liners, and jelly roll pens, :)

padawan-blr  asked:

kratos :)

kratos: your favorite stationery?

hmmmm this is a hard question hehe i have sO many favorites when it comes to stationery; here’s a smol list off the top of my head:

  • tombow ABT dual brush pens
  • my white ultra-simple ballpoint pen from shopmakadai
  • my traveler’s notebook and it’s inserts ofc
  • washi tapes from simplygilded
  • pentel aquash waterbrush pens + my watercolors (not stationery but i love bringing these with me basically everywhere)
  • crayola supertips!!
  • STICKERS ofc like can’t do without stickers
  • hollow gold binder clips :)

send me one of these!!!


YEAH this is everything I use for watercolor. I think you mean the white pigment ink pen; I use it to make the white dots, otherwise everything else is just watercolor!


2. WATERCOLOR PENCIL [PRISMACOLOR] - I don’t actually own these, they’re my sisters L O L I just use either light pink or grey to sketch before yeah.

3. WATERCOLOR BRUSHES - Right to left, Winsor&Newton Cotman III; Princeton Art&Brush Co. 5/0 Round; Winsor&Newton Cotman 3mm/1/8”. I use the 3mm one the most, and the 5/0 one for smaller things like eyes and whatnot.

4. AQUASH WATERBRUSH MEDIUM - I don’t really use this that often, only for like, when I want to gradient colors, like blending two colors since it has water, it’s easier hohoho.

5. UNI-BALL WHITE PIGMENT INK -  This is the shiny thing, idk, for like highlights and white LOL IDK, what do you do with white, whatever you want.

6. WINSOR&NEWTON COTMAN POCKET BOX - The colors are pretty good, like I use this box for the red mostly because the red is different from the red in the Sennelier box, but I prefer the Sennelier box over this one because the colors go on more smoothly and, idk, I just like the feel of it in general.

7. AQUA-MINI SENNELIER WATERCOLORS - I LOVE THESE COLORS SO MUCH THEY’RE AMAZING like they can dry, but won’t flake like the Cotman box so I CAN REUSE THE COLORS afte rlike 3 days I love it. It’s all the colors I ever need for all my drawings, on occasion, it lacks the red the Cotman box has.

8. WINSOR&NEWTON GOLD INK - I L O V E GOLD INK IT’S AMAZING, the only downside is that you keep having to shake the bottle for the gold to come back up every 5 minutes, but otherwise, its’ quality is amazing.

P.S. I GOT A LOT OF THESE FROM KEL for my birthday I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, cuz tbh IDK where you can buy half these things argh; SHE GOT me the Moleskine, waterbrush, and Sennelier box G GG GG URGLES THSNK U FOR THE BEST GIFT.

anonymous asked:

Hellloooo!! As a young artist, I'm desperately trying to improve and find the types of supplies I prefer, etc. What are your favorite art supplies and how often do you draw?

*waves* HI!!

That’s a really good attitude to have my friend (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
Personally I don’t like to obsess too much over supplies because at the end of the day it’s your raw skill that matters - not the materials! In general I’ll use any standard quality paper/whatever pen or pencil I can find lying around, but 3 things I swear by are:

1) Pentel Aquash Waterbrush like omg this is proof that god is real, like you will never need to worry about washing flakey watercolour brushes in a container of dirty water again. Invest in one of these and your life will be revolutionized, it works like a dream with watercolour paint and pencils.

2) Pentel Brush Pen - I use this for inking and blocking out black areas in traditional pieces.

3) Uniball Signo UM-153 Metallic White Gel Pen - this is also proof that god is real, I tried many shitty white gel pens before finding this beautiful child and would highly recommend it to anyone! I use it for adding touch ups and the SHINY BITS IN THE EYES hehehe

So yeah whilst 99% of the time I couldn’t give a toss about my materials, these 3 things are my staples :L (my traditional art is *wavy hand gestures* at best though so don’t take my word for everything lol)

And with regards to how much I draw, it totally depends. College/work life can get quite hectic, but sometimes I have a lot of free time so I can do a bit every day. Either way I don’t draw as much as I should hahaha I’m like you, I really want to improve.

ANYWAY good luck! Go make some cool stuff to share with the world! ( ゚ヮ゚)