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'Sup? What do you think of a relationship between capricorn female & aquarius male? And could you do a gif for them as best friends?

I think this relationship is very fair. Both are able to understand the other on a level that they don’t share with any other sign. They have that kind of relationship that’s isolated. They both like having one on one time with the other. A problem could start if the aquarius is too stubborn or if the capricorn is too controlling. I’d have to say a 7/10 rating.


Capricorn female Aquarius male- Friendship 

The Signs as Celebrities (both genders)


Male: James Fanco

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Female: Emma Watson

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Male: The Rock

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Female: Scarlett Johansson

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Male: Neil Patrick Harris

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Female: Marilyn Monroe

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Male: Tom Cruise

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Female: Jennifer Aniston

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Male: Daniel Radcliffe

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Female: Cara Delevingne

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Male: Chris Pine

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Female: Beyonce

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Male: Will Smith

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Female: Taylor Swift

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Male: Matthew Mcconaughey

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Female: Rihanna

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Male: Jay-z

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Female: Nicki Minaj

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Male: Patrick Dempsey

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Female: Nina Dobrev

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Male: Harry Styles

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Female: Ellen DeGeneres

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Male: Ansel Elgort

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Female: Laura Prepon

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could you do a capricorn (female) and aquarius (male) relationship scenario please and thank youuu💘

Aquarius: *covers Capricorn’s eyes* Guess who?:
Capricorn: *rolls eyes* We’re not doing this.
Aquarius: *Laughs* Guess who?
Capricorn: *sighs* *sarcastically* Hmm, I wonder who it could be….is it Cancer?:
Aquarius: Nope.
Capricorn: Taurus?
Aquarius: Negative.
Capricorn: Sagittarius?
Aquarius: Man, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.
Capricorn: Hey!
Aquarius: *removes his hands and laughs* You know I kid. *kisses her cheek* 
Capricorn: *smiles*….Lay with me.
Aquarius: *gets next to her on the couch* Mm…this is nice.
Capricorn: It really is…you’re such a dork. *slaps the back of his head lightly*
Aquarius: You know you love me.
Capricorn: Are you kidding? I’m absolutely crazy for you.
Aquarius: And I am for you. *kisses her cheek*


Zodiac Sitcom/TV show idea

Usually I’m not the type to enjoy sitcoms or things of that sort, but I think it would be great if someone made a show with12 people to represent the 12 zodiac signs, and these people would be basically act like the stereotypes of their signs. I even made character avatars:

Phoenix (representation of Aries/male)

Oliver (representation of Taurus/male)

Evelyn (representation of Gemini/female)

 Karolinia (representation of Cancer/female)

Calypso (representation of Leo/female)

Greyson (representation of Virgo/male)

Elivia (representation of Libra/female)

Mystique (representation of Scorpio/female)

Dillon (representation of Sagittarius/male)

Tobias (representation of Capricorn/male)

Lilibeth (representation of Aquarius/female)

Alpine (representation of Pisces/male)

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Compatibility of a male Capricorn and a female Aquarius, both as friends and romantic? Why?

Capricorns and Aquariuses are both very sweet and compassionate and from experience a very good partnering. You do everything together! And have lots of fun together but sometimes can get annoyed with eachother easily.

Cap’s are quiet and practical which may seem like it would clash with the aqua’s creative and impulsive nature but really they work really well. Faced with a challenge (possibly and argument?) they can work through it easily and efficiently and always end up with a positive outcome.

Overall a great match have fun!

- Lukeyy

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How compatible is a female Aquarius with a male Capricorn?

I really like this combination for a lot of the same reasons that I like the Virgo/Capricorn combination. The main reason being both are very business oriented and need their individual space which can really be a huge benefit when it comes to a relationship. 

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Squad: females- libra, Pisces, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn. Males- Leo, Taurus, Aquarius & Sagittarius

This isn’t a squad, it’s an army dear god

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pros and cons of a female aquarius and male capricorn relationship? (ik we're incompatible with sun signs smh)

Pros: you both have a strong sense of self, they can introduce a lot to each other, neither is too clingy or too neglectful 

Cons: they have different ideals, Capricorn is too strict for Aquarius, Aquarius is too unconventional for Cappie!

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Thoughts on a Capricorn female and an Aquarius male relationship?

Not the best, not the worst. Both don’t need much emotional support but Aquarius is to flighty for Capricorn. Capricorn needs someone who is very loyal and dependable. Aquarius needs an adventure that Capricorn can’t provide. 💙

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How would an Aquarius and Capricorn relationship work out? (Aquarius- female /Capricorn-male)

At first the Capricorn may not open up but once you two get to know each other you will be amazing together!

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What do you think of Aquarius Venus/Taurus Mars male and Capricorn Venus/Cancer Mars female?

They’d both be kind of detached but it’d still work out very well imo!

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is female Aquarius compatible with male Leo or Capricorn? Ty

More compatible with leo