The Caution Virgo boy and the Unpredictable Aquarius girl

“And BAM!!! That goddamn robot dude hit the freaking hero like GAPHOOM” Aquarius narrated her review in the class on a movie she had gone to earlier to a group of students sitting next to me.
“How the heck does one hit like ‘gaphoom’!?” Capricorn questioned in irritated confusion.
“People who haven’t watched the movie shouldn’t question!” Aquarius dismissed him.
She always had interesting things to tell. Not necessarily useful in anyway though.
In fact, I have no idea what was it about her that attracted me. Her eyes were always in a different universe.
But I didn’t even have the courage to approach her.
She was just too bright for me.
What if I bored her? I was just too dull.
I didn’t want to take any risks.
That day, our chemistry professor assigned us to a group activity in which Aquarius was in my group, along with Libra, Aries, and Leo.
I didn’t think I’d be forced to communicate with her so soon.
I decided to stay in a low profile.
The moment the professor left the group, Aries began to pick up random chemicals from the shelves.
“Let’s have a little fun.” He snickered.
“Don’t do that, it’s dangerous.” I ended up scolding before I realised.
Leo glared at me while Aquarius commented, “What’s fun without a little danger? Life is dangerous! You’re just boring.”
“Then fine. Learn it the hard way.” I replied as I left the three of them by themselves.
“I don’t think you should have told it to him like that.” I heard libra trying to dissolve the situation.
I can’t believe the first time I spoke to her ended up in argument.
And I’m probably the only one worrying about it too.

After a while I heard footsteps closing me.
I turned to spot an awkward Aquarius staring down at me.
“What is it?” I asked as I turned my head back to the book I pretended I was reading.
“It’s upside down.”
“What?” I questioned in confusion.
“Your book.”
I quickly stuffed it in my bag and told, “I was checking out it’s design!” in angry embarrassment.
“Is this why you came here for?” I asked calming down.
“Why’re you telling me now?”
“Aries burnt his hand.” She told regretfully.
‘Told you’ was what I wanted to tell but managed to put a lid in it.
“Well, you learn some things with experience.” I told her to soothe her guilty conscience.
“Also sorry for calling you boring.” She shifted.
“You don’t have to tell me that I already know.” I replied wontedly although it hurt me.
“But I actually find you really interesting.” She confessed.
“Is that so.” I replied in the same tone. But to be honest- I felt so happy I was grinning.
“The way your voice is always low, the way you try to warn others although you normally end up in trouble, the mole below your lips- they’re all interesting.” She told in a monochromatic tone.
I didn’t turn, nor did I utter a word- for my head was completely blank.
My heart beat raised.
“You’re red.” She whispered next to my ear.
“A-AHH!!” I suddenly yelled as I pushed her in the fear of being caught.
But in the process I slipped off my chair and landed on the ground.
My face was still completely dishevelled.
She sat down in front of me and offered a fake smile.
I didn’t know she could be so intimidating!
“I like the way your always-so-calm expressions are such a mess right now.”
“S-shut up!” I raised my voice.
“Your butt must hurt from falling off, want me to massage it?” She asked completely abashed as she winked.
“SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!” I yelled at her.
“Tomato.” She replied.
“You look as red as a tomato.”

Kpop astrology masterpost

First of all, I wanna thank you guys for being interested in this series kinda thingy I made! Requesting, reblogging or liking, it all meant a lot, I’m really thankful! I’m sorry I couldn’t make them faster though :-s It was really cute to see you guys reblog and add stuff like “I share birthday with x!” or “My birthday and Y’s are one day apart!” hehe cute. I’m really glad you enjoyed my gifs and thank you once again! Here’s all the gifs in proper order so you can find them easier:

Capricorn (f) x Capricorn (m) requested by @thundermoon12

Caprica wasn’t happy with the the situation she was put into. She didn’t have any particular interest in poster making but her group was assigned to it. She decided to put her best into the situation she faced with but it vexed her to know that her teammates Gema, Sag, and Aquarius were in their own fine world gossiping about the latest shows.
How irresponsible? Why should she be the only one stuck with painting the darn poster? Why can’t she just bunk it too? But something just didn’t allow her- it was her sense of duty.

“It’s such a drag being good, ain’t it?” She heard a low but deep voice from across the table.
It was Capren- a short dark brown haired, slim and tall boy with glasses from her class.
“Not really” she muttered as she eyed him picking up a brush from the paint mug. “You like painting?” She asked. “Not really” he imitated her tone mockingly. Caprica decided to turn a deaf ear to it.
The room turned quiet as the irresponsible trio left to the canteen- leaving Caprica and Capren alone, sitting opposite to each other.
“You’re a good painter, aren’t you?” She asked trying to bring up a topic.
“Oh.” He replied with the least hint of joy as the room dwelled back into an awkward silence.
“I think it would be good if you could darken it here” he pointed over the poster. “That so?” Caprica replied. She picked up the brush reaching to the corner of the chart.
“AHH! NOT THERE” His voice suddenly raised.
She panicked as her hand slipped the brush of her hand pushing the water-paint mug. Now both of them together yelled as they united their powers to hold onto the mug without destroying the poster of sheer hard work. They both crushed the plastic mug between their hands that it produced a fountain of multicoloured paint over their head.
“I’m sorry” they both apologised frantically as they pulled out a handkerchief from their pockets wiping each others face.

“AND I just LOVE how that scene was intro-” Aquarius entered the room to see two passionate Capricorns in the middle of what seemed like a make out session.
Sagittarius peeked from behind.
“S-sorry for the interruption!” Gema quickly told with flushed cheeks as she shut the door with a thud.
Caprica and Capren noticed the way their hands were on each other’s face. Both of them turned bright red as they systematically took a few steps back.
“E-excuse m-me” they both muttered completely flustered.

“Well, on the bright side, the poster looks pretty rad.” She muttered eyeing on the multicoloured chart.
Capren nodded in agreement.

Hope you like it.

br0kenbutnotdestr0yed asked:

Is a Female Aquarius and a Male Capricorn compatible, will the relationship work out?

Yes of course! Mentally they can totally compete to each other and romantically, this match will open new doors for both. They support each other and let each other become the person they aspire to be. They are very open minded towards the other and take good care of them. It’s a very nice match!

All the best 💜

anonymous asked:

hi love❤️ can you give a song for a relationship between a female Capricorn sun and Aquarius Venus with a male Virgo sun and libra Venus?

Please Don’t Leave Me by P!nk

anonymous asked:

Can you say anything about compatibility between Male: Aquarius sun, Leo moon Female: Capricorn sun, Aries moon Thanks

adorable!!!!!!! competitive and cheeky but so CUTE 💌❤️✨🍒💦🍓💋🍑💖💅👀

anonymous asked:

What are the chances of me female (Capricorn) and a male Aquarius. Ending up together? We've been through this a few times and I keep trying to fight it but it seems like we always end up right where we started

The chances are quite high if you’re ready to be together

im-a-g-h-o-s-t asked:

Can you please make a gif for a Capricorn female and an Aquarius male?? Idk if they're even compatible.. buuut.. ;-;

Not overly when it comes to your guys’ sun signs.. But look further into your moon signs, venus and mars. Sun signs are just a quick overview imo and people are far more complex than just their sun signs. Also, done!!

anonymous asked:

for the love compatibility- capricorn male & capricorn/aquarius female- (the mars sign for the male is capricorn and his venus sign is sagittarius) (the female's mars sign is scorpio, and her venus sign is pisces)- how would there compatibility & life be together? x

I don’t do this type of compatibility. I apologize