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Capricorn Male and Aquarius Female scenario? (Romantically or both/one having a secret crush on the other?)

*Cap and Aqua when they both have a crush on each other*

Capricorn: HEY uhm wanna hear a pun

Aqua: uhm you’ve already told me one today hahaha….

Capricorn: oh right ha ha

Aqua: hahhahahdatemehahah

Capricorn: What ??? *blushing intensifies*

Aqua: hahahhahahahahhahaahhaha nothing what do u mean lol bye see you in chemistry haha

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dude honestly I want your relationship :/ you guys are so compatible!!! It’s so cute!!

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gemini (female) aquarius (female) sag (female) and two capricorn (both male) squad gif thank you ps love your blog

ps love you 

capricorn male (left) + gemini female (middle left) + aquarius female (middle) + sagittarius female (middle right) + capricorn male (right) // SQUAD gif

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I'm a female Capricorn (jan 2) with an Aquarius male (feb 2), been together for the past 3 years now, and I feel like we have a hard time listening to each other and we argue all the fucking time, what do we do?

A Capricorn/Aquarius relationship isn’t ideal, but it can work with much effort. If you have made it work for three years, there is something there. Aquarius and Capricorn have completely different approaches on life. Try looking at things from his perspective. Ask him to disclose his thoughts with you, and let him do so honestly and freely. Aquarius is never self-sacrificing, but they are always humanitarian, or at least progressive. Capricorn is very self-sacrificing, and is a philanthropist, most likely a conservative one. Capricorn has a very sharp tongue, and knows how to use it. If he wages an attack on Capricorn’s ego, he will be shut out and shut down.

If he starts nitpicking at your character regarding something completely unrelated, leave. 

Aquarius and Capricorn make a wonderful one-stand. They can be really good friends, too, if they have other influences in their charts that indicate that. Normally, when they date, it is short lived and infuriating for both parties.

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Hey :3 what do you think of a friendship based on a gemini female with... -> Capricorn female -> aquarius male -> pisces male and female ?? Thanks a lot 💕💕

you all might get awesome grades at school but the pisces are better at arts and the others in other subjects! idk i think aqua and gem are quite crazy and yolo while the others try to calm them down. it’s a 6/10 squad imo

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female Taurus, male Aquarius, female Capricorn, female Scorpio, female Cancer

This is the feels too much squad

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Are a Capricorn male and Aquarius female compatible?????

Not really, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out!


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what are your thoughts on an aquarius female and a capricorn male dating? is it a good match or nah?

would u break up with him/her/them if i say no?

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How do you feel about a male Capricorn, and a female Aquarius? We were friends first.

This would be much sarcasm all the time

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Aquarius male/Capricorn female

I think they make a very good pair, despite what everyone else says. While the Aquarius is energetic and dreamy, the Capricorn can bring the Aquarian down to earth, and vice versa. They’re emotions are also very similar. Overall rating: 8/10!

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Aquarius male and Capricorn female

Super iffy but remember that it’s not all based on your sun signs