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The signs as the Zoldyck siblings

Illumi: Leo, Scorpio, Virgo

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Milluki: Taurus, Capricorn

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Killua: Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer

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Alluka: Pisces, Aquarius

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Kalluto: Libra, Aries

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  • ARIES : throwing books at me while screaming "yeET"
  • TAURUS : eating 40 chocolates in the span of one day
  • GEMINI : screaming "YOU DON'T NEED NO BOY" and throwing glitter into my face when I complained about boy drama
  • CANCER : names the "family fish" spatula. (it's been alive for 6 yrs now)
  • LEO : runs into my room @ 4:20 am and shrieks "420 BLAZE IT" while wearing sunglasses
  • VIRGO : stares out of the car window and dramatically states "oh what will I do with my life?"
  • LIBRA : uploads a 44 second long video of himself whipping, doing the nae nae and gangnam style on YouTube
  • SCORPIO : attacks me with a bag of bread when I open the front door because he "thought I was a robber"
  • SAGITTARIUS : runs into a tree while playing tag and has to be taken to the hospital
  • CAPRICORN : hides in the bathroom cabinet for three hours while my entire family is frantically looking for him and plays solitaire with unicorn shaped cards
  • AQUARIUS : throws my room door open and holds up a banana while yelling "cAN I EAT THIS WITHOUT PEELING IT?"
  • PISCES : accidentally flooding the kitchen because he somehow managed to break the fridge (was tWO YEARS OLD AT THE TIME)
Aquarius IC

“Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.”
- Prince (Aquarius IC/Leo MC)

Growing up an Aquarius IC is anything but ordinary… or stable. Aquarius IC children are often the bold rebel child or the quiet, distant and intelligent child. In a way, Aquarius IC children yearn for freedom and to break free from the norm. They could have had siblings who were rather closed off and distant with them or they may have had been super close with their siblings.

You, Aquarius IC, often tried to find a way to stand out as a child, whether through rebelling or even associating with someone whom you found to be different.

Aquarius IC, as children, are highly curious and quite compassionate. It is important for the Aquarius IC child to grow up socializing with their siblings, family members or even friends in school because through this they start to develop their humanitarian skills. Aquarius IC children genuinely do care for others and they love lending a helping hand. They are highly understanding and open minded since they too know what it’s like to be different, feel different and even grow up in a unique family environment. So in a way, the Aquarius IC child can empathize.

As an Aquarius IC, you may have taken pride in your upbringing or understood the fact that it made you who you are today even if your upbringing was anything but normal… and you seem to like that idea.

The Aquarius IC child values friendship greatly. They cherish their loved ones more than any other IC sign does. They do not cast judgement on anyone since they are so open minded and friendly. There comes a time where the Aquarius IC child doesn’t mind being “distant”, in fact they convince themselves that they are independent people… in which they are. They want many friends, but they keep a few close friends right by them and are loyal to those few friends. The older the Aquarius IC child gets, the more pride and confidence they develop.

You understand that things happen for a reason, not by accident. You start to become someone who can overcome things with ease and handle many ups and downs with a strong heart. You are practically indestructible and you encourage others to be the same way. You’ve always enjoyed lending a helping hand and you continue to do so. You don’t mind helping someone succeed or build someone up because when they do succeed and become a better person, you are left feeling nothing but pride. Until you learn to be compassionate and understanding, you won’t know what happiness truly is.

And then, Aquarius IC, is when you shoot up to your Leo Midheaven.

The signs as siblings

Aries: gets along with other siblings like 90% of the time but when there’s a fight they’re locked in their room brooding  

Taurus: an actual angel (until u disagree with them), super protective of their siblings 

Gemini: would share their soul with their sibling but gets annoyed if one of their shirts is missing

Cancer: always in their room watching netflix or on tumblr, loves their siblings so so much but if you’re mean to them watch out, will protect their siblings to the death 

Leo: always has their friends over or always out, gets super dramatic and always starts fights, loves their siblings with all of their heart but DONT steal their clothes

Virgo: super organized room, they pretty much have their entire life planned out, usually in their room doing homework

Libra: will never forget whatever wrong things you’ve done and will cut u out of their life so quick if they want, nice most of the time but don’t even TRY to fight 

Scorpio: always locked in their room with their friends doing God knows what, never really show emotion but deep down they love their siblings soooo much and would do anything for them 

Sagittarius: starts off really sweet but will throw you down the stairs if u touch their stuff

Capricorn: so incredibly supportive but is quick to fight back in a sibling argument

Aquarius: super nice and all they want is for their siblings to love them, but if they don’t then its WW3

Pisces: Won’t bother the sibling unless they bother them, can get very irritated and very quick with comebacks but usually doesn’t like fighting.


Aries- This is the sibling that is competitive about everything. They will race you downstairs, wrestle you in the front room, brag about their better grades and better friends. They can also be sarcastic and teasing to their brothers and sisters. This might be a sibling who takes some things for granted but  they still care about their family. When older they are the sibling who will loan you money and may even buy you a car to repay for all the torment when younger. (but will still keep the better car to themselves or at least say their car and house is better :p )

Taurus- This is the sibling that is lazy and loves to sleep in. You always have to take up some of their chores not because they make you but because by the time they get to them there is no point/it’s already done. They hate fighting but will be in a uproar if you mess with their stuff, go into their room without asking, or read their diary. Taurus typically aren’t very competitive with their siblings except when it comes to their parents attention and affection. If a Taurus is close to one or both parents they will get upset if the other sibling appears to get more love or attention from them. Parents have to be very reassuring, supportive, stable, and loving to a Taurus child. When older they are the sibling who can be your rock. The person you call when you are having troubles and the sibling that can help give guidance. 

Gemini- This is the brother or sister who has a great sense of humor but is also good at making fun of their siblings. They are the tricksters of the zodiac and because of this they can talk their way or trick their sibling into doing things for them. They are also highly social and will always bring friends and partners home. They can be a bit dramatic when younger and can be prone to lying and exaggerations. When older they are the happy and exciting sibling that will make your bachelor/bachelorette party amazing. They can be the sibling who reminds you to sit back and have fun sometimes.

Cancer- Cancer can be the cry baby sibling. They will cry over everything and when younger may fall down and pretend to get hurt as soon as a parent walks in. For such a sensitive and caring sign they can be bossy to their siblings. They also want to go along with their brothers and sisters everywhere. They can be a protective sibling and may fuss over their brothers and sisters and will always give advice, whether it is wanted or not. When older they are the siblings that always keeps in touch and whose home and heart is always open.

Leo- This is one bossy sibling and they HATE to be ignored. This is a sign that always finds dirt on their sibling so that they can make them do all the chores and gives them stuff. They can also be that sibling who is good at persuading their brother or sister to cover for them when they sneak out. They are competitive especially when it comes to winning their parents affection. A Leo sibling might also make promises they can’t always keep. But on the bright side when older they are a sibling who can motivate you into doing better, they will hold family traditions in high regard, and loves to hold large family gatherings. (but they usually like the family gatherings to show-off)

Virgo- This is the brother or sister who when on good terms will want to build a fort or get bunk beds. But when on bad terms they may tape/paint a line down the middle of the room. They can be that sibling that acts superior in front of you and your friends but then will badmouth them later. They aren’t one for heated fights but will complain a lot. While this sibling is not competitive in an obvious way they will always claim to be right and can criticize your actions and life. When older they are the sibling that is always worrying about you. They may live with you for a bit after a pregnancy, will call you up right after they heard about a robbery or tornado in a neighborhood close to you, and will always insist on more medical, physical, or mental help than you really need.

Libra- This is the person who might argue about everything just for fun with their siblings. They are indecisive about what they believe in, who they like, etc when younger and will find random reasons to debate. They are the sibling who hogs up the bathroom and can use your stuff without asking. This sign isn’t competitive but when they don’t get their way watch out for a temper tantrum. They also hate it when their siblings are gross and can easily get annoyed. When older a Libra sibling is more grateful towards their family and will always throw the best Christmas gathering/party.

Scorpio- Scorpio is one moody sibling. One day they love you and will say how blessed they are to have a sister/brother like you and then the next they’ve made you their sworn enemy. They can be very competitive but at the same time can be really protective (especially if they are an older sibling). An older brother or sister might be highly speculative of the person their sibling is dating. They can also go in and out of fads so quickly their siblings can’t keep up. A younger Scorpio sibling may get a kick out of tormenting their brothers and sisters but when older will have the protective trait kick in. As an adult the Scorpio sibling can be reliable and will give the best toast at your marriage.

Sagittarius- This is a sibling that knows how to make you laugh but also knows what to do to get under your skin. They like to be helpful but can be scatterbrained and is the worst at coming through with their debts and promises. They are thrilled to help pick out your bridesmaids dresses, to teach you how to drive, and to take you to your first night in Vegas but they will always tell you how they feel. If they think you are being a brat they will straight up tell you. If they think you are a wimp don’t expect any tact. Despite their good nature and optimism they might be the most clumsy and irresponsible sibling. They won’t argue a lot, they will be happy to see you, but you might have to get them out of jail, help them with a bill, or will dump their dog on you because of a last minute decision to go out of town.

Capricorn- Capricorn is the brother or sister who has a lot of double-standards. You better not take their coat or make up but when you take theirs you can’t complain because you are “siblings” and you are suppose to help each other. They can also get out of a lot of chores because they will claim they have to study hard but then really go play Xbox while you get stuck with all the duties. However they are responsible and with really younger siblings can be a good babysitter and at times may act like a parent figure. They also are least likely to waste all of their allowance or crash a car. When older this is the sibling that can help you get a job, will have all the funeral and retirement arrangements figured out for the parents, and always has a back up plan. 

Aquarius- Meet the master of practical jokes and pranks. That whoopee cushion you sat on was placed by your Aquarius bro/sis. They can sometimes get a kick out of embarrassing their sibling in public. They can be quirky and maybe temperamental. Fights don’t tend to be violent with them but they can easily get butt-hurt. An Aquarius is highly forgettable and will always ask you to help them find their car keys or homework. When older Aquarius has a tendency to become distant from family and may make their own path in life and get a whole new family. On the occasion they stick with their siblings they can be that brother or sister who randomly pops in to say hi and will grab you a drink.

Pisces- Pisces will love you one minute and will make jokes and be supportive and then yell at you the next. They can go through a lot of phases and can be one to lock themselves in their room with loud music. Their competitiveness is kept on the low down but it does exists. If you ever hurt or talk bad about their siblings watch out! They can get crazy. When older they still get as upset as when they were younger but is more mature and can see things from their siblings perspective better than anyone else.

The signs as the Strauss siblings

Mirajane: Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces

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Elfman: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo

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Lisanna: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini

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The Signs As Siblings Having A Family Meeting

Aries: Instigates fights with everyone; “Yo Gem, you really just gonna sit here and say that you didn’t say that Virgo was a fugly whore like that chick on Mean Girls?”

Taurus: Eating popcorn and enjoying the show; just hopes that no one comes for them because they just want to mind their damn business and be chill

Gemini: “I didn’t say it like that though Leo, I swear! I was just joking!” Goes between being super defensive and mean to crying, trying to see what will work

Cancer: Trying to calm everyone down; “We’re family and we love each other! Please stop fighting!”

Leo: Ready to pounce at Gemini AND Aries; “I don’t know which one of you bitches is lying, so imma fight both of you!”

Virgo: “Hey! If you guys start fighting, there’s gonna be a huge mess and I’m the only one in this family who ever cleans anything, so don’t even think about it!”

Libra: Blowing up people’s spots on the down low; (whispering to Capricorn, “it’s funny how they’re fighting over something that Aqua said”)

Scorpio: Conviently skipped the meeting in order to go to their gf/bfs house

Sagittarius: Hysterically laughing the entire time and high fiving Aries and Libra

Capricorn: Reminding everyone of the reason for the meeting; “Hey can we stop all the fighting for a second and plan our parents’ anniversary dinner????? Shit needs to get done!”

Aquarius: Not really paying attention, but internally conflicted between speaking up and telling them that they made the comment and just really not caring

Pisces: High af and irritated because all the yelling is giving them a headache

The signs as siblings

The protective sibling: aries, taurus, cancer, scorpio

The annoying sibling: gemini, leo, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

The sibling that gives great advice: virgo, libra, capricorn

The signs as things me and my sister have done in school

Aries: Walked home during a PE lesson
Taurus: Planked on top of a locker and had to get pulled off by a teacher
Gemini: Cartwheeled out of a dance lesson
Cancer: Punched a person and got called home only for my mom to say “maybe she should of knocked her out”
Leo: Got sent home for having bright blue hair
Virgo: Told a teacher to fuck herself as no one would do it for her
Libra: Pretended to faint in science so everyone could get out of class
Scorpio: Pushed my friend off a chair and he dragged four people down with him
Sagittarius: Got into a fist fight on the first day of year 7
Capricorn: Got 3 detentions on the first day of year 8
Aquarius: Tried ordering pizza at school and got it taken off by a teacher
Pisces: Lied about eating at school and saved over £100 of lunch money

  • Aries: Should I buy you a heart? (shes's 4, and she already knew about my
  • Taurus: Why aren't you eating? aRe yOU StiLL VeGEtAriAN? (11 year old Leo.)
  • Gemini: yOU'RE SUCH A (insert 1000 curse words here, please) (my gemini bro is 5 years old omF)
  • Leo: *while praying* dear god, please don't let people come near me or I'll kill them. (he was 4 years old what the hell (leo bro))
  • Virgo: *still praying* oh yeah, and dear god, please forgive my fire truck. (still 4)
  • Libra: nO WEAR A PINK SHIRT! (4 year old Aries sis)
  • Scorpio: mOM SHE'S STILL NOT CRYING (leo bro)
  • Sagittarius: Do you like rap music now or do you still listen to music that sounds like: BRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHDANAHANANANNANANABRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*SCREAM* (leo bro)
  • Capricorn: money! where's my money?! mOOOOOMMMMMM (gemini bro)
  • Aquarius: you know that you turn into a werewolf when you're 14? (leo bro when he was 8)
  • Pisces: I'd hug you but then you'd punch me. (leo bro again)