aquarius no degel


Happy Valentines Day!
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Hello, everyone!

As today is Dégel’s birthday, I’ve drawing a little thing for him. x3 It’s the first time for me to draw Dégel, I hope it’s not bad… ^^“

The sentence on his cape is "Happy Birthday Dégel” in French! :) And the sign of victory and little word after, it’s “Kardia” in Greek. Yes, the Scorpio Saint wrote in Dégel’s cape… He’s a little brat! xD  

So Joyeux Anniversaire Aquarius Dégel, my favourite Aquarius Saint ! x333

I hope you like it!

Aquarius Dégel of Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas © Masami Kurumada & Shiori Teshirogi - 2006/2016