aquarius female and sagittarius

The Signs As Female Comic Book Characters
  • Aries:Baroness- deadly villain, ruthless, passionate, a leader and an efficient killer
  • Taurus:Storm- extremely powerful mutant, able to control forces and elements that determine weather, queen and former thief
  • Gemini:Cyblade- born into royalty and able to create and manipulate electromagnetic energy through her fingertips in any way she imagines
  • Cancer:Black Cat- able to inflict bad luck on others, former cat burglar turned crime fighter
  • Leo:Zatanna- powerful magician and stage performer, master of elemental sorcery and spell-casting, one of the most skilled magic users
  • Virgo:Psylocke- mutant with telekinetic and telepathic powers to create deadly weapons, stealthy and skilled in martial arts
  • Libra:Rogue- mutant able to gain thoughts, memories, and abilities of others through physical touch
  • Scorpio:Death of the Endless: inconceivably powerful, personification of life and death, quirky and actually friendly
  • Sagittarius:Elektra- greatest assassin in the world, skilled martial artist and ninja, weaponry includes trademark twin sai
  • Capricorn:Emma Frost- powerful telepathic mutant, quick-witted and a gifted teacher
  • Aquarius:Black Canary- rebellious, gifted fighter and martial artist, ultrasonic Canary Cry can shatter bones and allow flight
  • Pisces:Scarlet Witch- mutant able to manipulate and warp reality, skilled in witchcraft
Cancer F And Aqua M On a Date

Requested by Anon ;)

Aqua: “Why hello Cancer. Someone’s looking mighty pretty today.” *playfully nudges Cancer in the side*

Cancer: *giggles and knocks them back* “Yeah, yeah. You’ve had me curious the whole morning, Aqua. Where are we going?”

Aqua: “Nah ah ah, since when does my girl get to know where we’re going before we even get there?”

Cancer: *pouts* “But Aqua…”

Aqua: “Well if you wanna see, come with me!” *grabs Cancer’s hand and pulls them to the car* “Hey… That rhymed! Did you see that?”

Cancer: “Yes, Aqua I did. You’ve such a talent in master poetry.” *gets into the car*

Aqua: “Glad you think so highly of me. But just wait until after tonight.” *winks*

Cancer: *says to self* “Oh boy…”

(At the diner)

Cancer: *sniffs the air* “Mmm… Smells good in here. Greasy burgers and all!”

Aqua: “Haha don’t be so sarcastic. The food isn’t why I brought you here, though I think we need some fattening up beforehand. You’ll need the confidence.” *sits Cancer down and orders*

Cancer: “I’m kinda nervous, Aqua…”

Aqua: “Don’t be. I’m here.” *smiles*

Cancer: *bites lip* “Okay. I trust you.”

Aqua: “That’s better, now! So Cancer, when I say to follow me, you follow me, hmm?”

Cancer: “Follow you? Where to?”

Aqua: “Too late! Come on, Cutie!” *drags Cancer to the main stage in the front and whispers in her ear* “Have fun, okay?”

Cancer: “B-but Aqua?”

Aqua: *smiles down at Cancer* *speaks into microphone* “We’ll be singing a song tonight for karaoke, guys!”

Cancer: *freezes* “Aqua, I’m scared…”

Aqua: “Just look at me. You’ll do great.” *grabs Cancer’s waist and starts singing*

Cancer: *gulps* *sings a tiny bit*

Aqua: *winks and squeezes Cancer’s other hand*

Cancer: *nods firmly and tries singing again*

Aqua and Cancer: *busts out into a song and starts dancing too*

Cancer: *sings without thinking about everyone else, only Aqua.* *thinks* Best night ever…


anonymous asked:

Convo between a male Aquarius and a female sagitaruis

aquarius: HEY
sagittarius: HEY
sagittarius: ALWAYS
aquarius: ok good bc i bought us reservations w the city skydiving company and we’re jumping out of a plane today
sagittarius: cool
aquarius: also i’m in love with you
sagittarius: cool
aquarius: so r we dating now or
sagittarius: idk do u want to
aquarius: idk i think i do but i also want to skydive………can we do both and also at the same time
sagittarius: k
aquarius: NICE


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squad- (all female) libra, cancer, aquarius, sagittarius? what do you think?

Poor cancer…

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Could you do aqua and sag female friendship and relationship? xx

Friendship: Aquarius (F), Sagittarius (F)

Relationship: Aquarius (F), Sagittarius (F)

Here you go sweety,


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Can you do a relationship/friendship gif set of Sag (m) and aqua (f) please

Aquarius Female & Sagittarius Male





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How would an Aquarius female and a male Sagittarius kiss be like? And how would their relationship be like if they were dating?

their relationship would be just like their kisses: cute and spontaneous, damn well hot at times, & full of little adventures around every corner

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Describe my fam? Gemini mother, Sagittarius(female, me), Aquarius(sister), Virgo(brother)

You and your sister get along well and both like to have freedom to explore new things. You’re brother probably locks himself in his room, fusses about things and keeps to himself. Your mom is very smart and gives logical advice to all of you.