aquarius by regina spektor


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A gift for the always lovely @thetiniestcicada. They were on a mission keeping watch and it was McCree’s turn to sleep, but he couldn’t, so Hanzo helped him out. Song is Aquarius by Regina Spektor.

Here’s a script for those of you that can’t read my chickenscratch:

Page 2: 

-Can’t sleep?


Page 3:

-Usually I listen to music to fall asleep, but… ain’t exactly an option out here. I can’t stand the silence.

Page 4 and onward: Song lyrics to Regina Spektor’s Aquarius


A headcanon: mccree cries whenever anyone does anything nice for him

The signs as bands/singers:

Aries: Florence and the machine/of monsters and men/The Clash 

Taurus: Mac Demarco/John Lennon/The Kinks 

Gemini: Blur/Gorillaz/Two Door Cinema Club 

Cancer: Lana del Rey/Pearl Jam/The Beach Boys 

Leo: Björk/HAIM/Birdy 

Virgo: Fleetwood mac/Bob Dylan/Pulp 

Libra: The Verve/Red hot chilli peppers/Daryl Hall & John Oates 

Scorpio: The smiths/Arctic Monkeys/The Cranberries 

Sagittarius: Led Zeppelin/Slowdive/The Courteeners 

Capricorn: Prince/Blossoms/The Kooks 

Aquarius: Kate Bush/Regina Spektor/New Order 

Pisces: Simon & Garfunkel/The Velvet Underground/Jake Bugg

the signs as disturbing regina spektor lyrics
  • Aries: i cut off my tongue... / you started to kiss me... / blood trickled down... / don't you ever miss me? (i cut off my hair)
  • Taurus: Hey, remember that time that you OD'ed? (that time)
  • Gemini: my heart eats (just like the movies)
  • Cancer: He was running like a child running in a game of tag— / until he was hit— / until he was "It—" (the soup)
  • Leo: i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist / i don't exist (daniel cowman)
  • Virgo: Yo girl, can't you watch where you are? / You don't watch where the hell you're goin', you're gonna get yourself killed... (belt)
  • Libra: I'm taking a knife to all the books that I own / and I'm chopping and chopping and boiling / soup from stone (the flowers)
  • Scorpio: Stop jerkin' off and eat your chicken, baby / It's like a colony of hungry ants down here (chicken song)
  • Sagittarius: December starts on Sunday, next Sundаy, won't you feel happier then? (december)
  • Capricorn: These baobabs and baobabs and baobabs some more / but you can't outwait Fate... (baobabs)
  • Aquarius: Be afraid of the cold; they'll inherit your blood. (après moi)
  • Pisces: And how many times have you snuck down to that cellar / Just to watch how the roots begin to grow straight up through our floor? (ave maria)

dear someone watching from the shadows  { ♪♫♪ }

the signs as cutesy regina spektor lyrics
  • Aries: Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as snow / You've got me and I'm just a common hoe (your honor)
  • Taurus: You taste like birthday, you look like new year / You're like a big parade through town / You leave such a mess / But you're so fun (the party)
  • Gemini: There was a love affair in this building... (love affair)
  • Cancer: In Gelterkinden I remembered how to laugh and I never ever forgot it again! (düsseldorf)
  • Leo: So don't go away, be my view for today, I just wanna see somethin' lovely as I look outside my window (chicken song)
  • Virgo: It's been a long time since before I've been touched; now I'm gettin' touched all the time / And it's only a matter of whom / And it's only a matter of when (dance anthem of the 80's)
  • Libra: I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love / you I love... / you I love... (another town)
  • Scorpio: I have dreams of orca whales and owls / but I wake up in fear / You will never be my, you will never be my / dear, will never be my / dear, dear friend (hotel song)
  • Sagittarius:! (ne me quitte pas [original])
  • Capricorn: Time is all around—(except inside my clock!) (time is all around)
  • Aquarius: I'm not a skillful water carrier / But I've learned to carry love (aquarius)
  • Pisces: I am a mermaid / But I've sold my voice / For a midnight train / and a bump of cocaine / And an old photo of ballets russes (mermaid)
Songs that represent the signs: Sad

(Note: The lyrics are important in most of these.)

Aries: Nirvana- I Hate Myself and I Wanna Die

Taurus: Lonely Day- System of a Down

Gemini: Lana Del Rey- Pride

Cancer: Medication- Garbage

Leo: Audioslave- Shadow on the Sun

Virgo: Linda Ronstadt version of Tracks of My Tears

Libra: Radiohead- No Suprises

Scorpio: Fiona Apple- Never is a Promise

Sagittarius: Regina Spektor- Hero

Capricorn: Chevelle- Panic Prone

Aquarius: Incubus- Mexico

Pisces: Amy lee (her version)- Sally’s Song

8tracks for this playlist.

art credit; a face to call home {alikou}:  from afar, vance joy | the woman i love, jason mraz | miss missing you, fob | flowers in your hair, the lumineers | aquarius, regina spektor | can’t help falling in love, ingrid michaelson (cover) | a face to call home, john mayer | statues, foo fighters | sort of, ingrid michaelson | nothing but time, opus orange | samson, regina spektor 

The Signs as Regina Spektor Songs
  • This won't get a lot of notes but I looooved this suggestion! Thanks anon! <3
  • Aries: One More Time With Feeling
  • Taurus: Don't Leave Me (Ne me quittes pas)
  • Gemini: That Time
  • Cancer: Eet
  • Leo: The Call
  • Virgo: Summer in the City
  • Libra: Samson
  • Scorpio: Après Moi
  • Sagittarius: Hotel Song
  • Capricorn: The Calculation
  • Aquarius: On the Radio
  • Pisces: Wallet
the signs as regina spektor songs

(based mostly on ruling planets)

Aries: Your Honor (feat. Kill Kenada)
Taurus: Carbon Monoxide
Gemini: All The Rowboats
Cancer: Blue Lips
Leo: Ne Me Quitte Pas (WWSFTCS version)
Virgo: Prisoners
Libra: Consequence of Sounds
Scorpio: The Flowers
Saggitarius: Pavlov’s Daughter
Capricorn: Apres Moi
Aquarius: Aquarius
Pisces: I Cut Off My Hair