The Signs are...

Aries: Midnight bond fires on a cold night, sloppy kisses, mindlessly dragging your finger across someones arm, the liberation of finishing HW, being alone in the city

Taurus: Silence in the desert, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, big sweaters/top knots/long socks, playing acoustic guitar, walking into antique bookstores

Gemini: Not being able to stop laughing with your best friend(s), bright umbrellas in heavy rain, splashing around in puddles, jumping into a giant pile of leaves, holding eye contact with someone

Cancer: The panic and excitement of a first kiss, christmas parties, falling asleep on FaceTime but not ending the call, spontaneously making cookies at 2 am, wearing someone else’s oversized sweater

Leo: Looking in a mirror and going “damn I look nice”, winning a race/competition, sitting in comfortable silence and playing with ur s/o hair, being in a room full of people but only caring about one person in there, receiving surprise gifts

Virgo: Finishing a good book, buying new school supplies, singing at the top of your lungs when no one else is around, taking a selfie and being satisfied with it, making new friends

Libra: Holding your s/o hand when nervous, performing with the spotlight solely on you, someone kissing you a million times at once and telling you they love you, binge watching disney movies, winter’s breath

Scorpio: Learning a new language, tender neck kisses, photoshoots with friends, the view of the city from up top, sipping hot apple cider in winter

Sagittarius: Playing with glow in the dark sticks, wearing red, rave parties, running into the ocean, a late night hook up

Capricorn: Leather bound books, finding small quaint towns, holding in laughter at a serious moment, someone holding you while you sob loudly, movie and popcorn

Aquarius: Wearing heels, grocery store runs, last minute christmas shopping, going cherry picking, creating something you’re proud of

Pisces: Ice skating in an empty rink, tight hugs, traveling to a foreign country, forehead kisses, picking a loved one up from the airport

Who The Signs Didn't Want to Die Tonight

Aries: Glenn
Taurus: Glenn
Gemini: Glenn
Cancer: Glenn
Leo: Glenn
Virgo: Glenn
Libra: Glenn
Scorpio: Glenn
Sagittarius: Glenn
Capricorn: Glenn
Aquarius: Glenn
Pisces: Glenn
(This is a remake from the time I thought he died at the dumpster) Rip Glenn and Abraham but mostly Glenn

The Signs as Things my English teacher said

Aries: Man, I’m an a$$hole.

Taurus: I know there are people here I don’t like to work with.

Cancer: You see me dressed like a basic white guy and you’re like: he’s probably corny. Maybe gay.

Gemini: I don’t care where you go. If you want to go french you’re girlfriend on the 5th floor, go ahead, I don’t care!

Leo: Hahaha that’s what you get hoe!

Virgo: I’m not going to fritter away my money on liquor and hoes.

Libra: You know how those old racist white men are….

Scorpio: And shot the little f**ker right in between the eyes!

Sagittarius: They could be real kinky, I don’t know.

Aquarius: Oh a hand job, those are nice.

Capricorn: Do you kiss on the first date? I don’t know, have sex on the first date?

Pisces: I’m 38 and white, I don’t know about that stuff. I know how about white stuff, like how to cook salmon.

What Harry Potter House(s) Your Sign is In

Hufflepuff: Those who reside in Hufflepuff are known for their kindness and sociability- though an air sign would seem reasonable to place into this category, PISCES is the best candidate. Wanting to do the right thing and sometimes being aloof is what makes them a perfect match.

Hufflepuff/Gryffindor: For those fitting this somewhat conflicting sorting, you are known for your true desire to do what is needed and valuing friendship in a unquestionably loyal manner - although sometimes your morals may become tested once in a while, you always have those around you for support - GEMINI AND CANCER

Gryffindor: The signs that get sorted into this house are usually outgoing to the point of annoyance, but truly mean well. They may become deceptive and question their actions for the sake of being liked. Not in the sense that being liked is their main priority, but if they aren’t, often they attempt to fix themselves. Those in Gryffindor adore being surrounded by and having friends, but also need time to be alone like everyone else. Not to mention, they will sometimes go against common code to help those they love or what they believe in - LEO AND SAGITTARIUS

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: This combination is among the trickiest due to the oppositional traits in each. But, as a whole, signs sorted into Gryffindor/Ravenclaw have a very open side/trait they let show occasionally, though they can be perceived as reserved and quiet by those who do not know them. Although good in nature, they can be harsh when irritated in the slightest and aren’t known to hide it like that of a Hufflepuff. Quite neutral emotionally, and extremely observant/knowledgeable of the situations surrounding them - hence, knowing exactly how to make friends ( Gryffindors have a natural need to be liked, and Ravenclaw’s ability to observe when and what a person likes/does is a given as to why they can make friends). Lastly, those sorted here are usually positive on the outside, but their internal conflicts may cause some problems with their outside happiness -LIBRA AND TAURUS

Ravenclaw: Those sorted into this house are fascinated by the world around them, and often don’t know how to contain their excite me passion for certain interests they may have. Aside from this, they are leaders among those they know well and will not choose to initiate in any form of conflict unless it’s truly required. Observant and most likely always aware. Often quiet people to those they do not know , they are among the loudest around their friends. In the mind, they are almost always thinking of something and the possible outcomes of some situations. Show-offs when they feel is right and only truly offended when their interests or intelligence are threatened - VIRGO

Ravnclaw/Slytherin: Those sorted into this house combo often have many friends- and will have a reason for every single one. These people are often leaders for their own reasons, though aren’t afraid to support a common cause. They aren’t ones to truly allow their emotions to be seen or understood unless required. Those closest will understand that they are soft and warm people deep down - although some may not be. Can be described as cold and calculating - and this may be true for some- but most just don’t let on what they’re thinking and have such an emotional blockage that they can be perceived as such - ARIES AND AQUARIUS

Slytherin: Those sorted into this particular house are often stereotyped as evil and rude. Some Slytherins genuinely are, along with being extremely ambitious to get what they want and letting hardly anything stand in their way. This may be true for some/most, but others use this common description of themselves as a facade so people don’t approach them. It’s not that these signs are anti-people, they may just plainly be anti-talkative / anti-fakeness. They may have an ulterior motive, but you won’t be the first to hear about it unless their pride gets in the way (which can be common or uncommon depending truly on the person. They greatly value alone time to work on whatever it is they desire or to simply take a pause from their life as a whole. Either extremely lazy or extremely neat and meticulous about their life. Picky with friends only due to their standards - though, they secretly value friendships more than any other house because only certain people truly know the mind of a Slytherin and what it means to be pals with one - CAPRICORN and SCORPIO

Natal Retrogrades

When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be spinning backwards. It affects the planet’s energy, turning the energies inward and making you feel it in an internal way. It affects each person differently, depending on their chart. If you were born during a planet’s retrograde, it will show on your chart. It will affect the planet and turn the energy inward. The planet may be uncomfortable or awkward to express. The Sun and Moon never retrograde, and Mercury and the outer planets go into retrograde more frequently.

To see if you have any planets in retrograde in your natal chart, do your birth chart here. Any planets with the backwards R next to it means it is in retrograde.


Venus and Mars are in retrograde 7-10% of the time. Mercury is frequently in retrograde. 

Natal Mercury retrograde: Your humor is more quick and quirky. You have a unique thinking process and you always double check things. You always double check and review what you are going to say before you say it. You think abstractly and you question most everything.

Natal Venus retrograde: You take social situations very seriously and love is extremely important to you. You may have issues with self love or feel that you aren’t good enough or lovable enough. You may have been shy when you were younger, or felt awkward in social situations.

Natal Mars retrograde: You aren’t very good at standing up for yourself or asserting yourself. You let things build up and then you explode with anger, rather than dealing with them when they come along. You come on very strong and usually think of the better thing to say later when it’s no longer needed. You don’t like competition and you like to work by yourself and at your own pace.

The outer planets retrograde more frequently so they are more likely to be in retrograde in your chart.

Natal Jupiter retrograde: You make your own beliefs and morals, and they can be unusual to others. You learn from your own experience and for yourself. You love to plan, especially for the future. You worry about the future a lot, and you worry about your plans. You think about the consequences of your actions very often.

Natal Saturn retrograde: You feel self doubt and guilty a lot of the time. Your fears are internalized and you put on a brave front, as you hate to seem vulnerable. You have a big fear of letting people down and making poor choices. Lots of discipline or rules may make you feel trapped or uncomfortable. You may feel anxious or nervous in situations that require specific rules or etiquette. There may not have been a lot of discipline in your childhood.

Natal Uranus retrograde: You have a fear of change and don’t trust new patterns or technologies. You hide your quirks and personality. Even though you prefer to follow the rules, you may rebel or feel a pent up energy to rebel every once in a while.

Natal Neptune retrograde: You hate seeming vulnerable. You hide your spiritual side and your compassion or empathy. You feel uncomfortable letting that side of you show. You are very private and are naturally mistrustful. You expect the worst and don’t like expectations or big dreams because you are afraid of being let down.

Natal Pluto retrograde: You fear losing control or being controlled. You also fear betrayal and manipulation. You keep your fears to yourself, as you fear letting them be vulnerable. You have a desire for power and control, but don’t realize it.


The Moon in the Signs

The Sign the Moon falls under shows our habits, reactions, and instincts. It also shows how we express, or deal with, our emotions at their most basic state. Our Lunar Sign shows our innermost needs. Our Moon sign is most obvious in our homes or in private, as this is when tend to feel comfortable enough to react instinctively. The Moon also shows how we “mother” or “baby” ourselves, and our loved ones.

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Adjectives that describe the signs (my opinion & experience)
  • Aries:energetic, fiery, honest
  • Taurus:down-to-earth, naive, cute
  • Gemini:colorful, open-minded, pure
  • Cancer:kind, pretty, split
  • Leo:stubborn, critical, warmhearted
  • Virgo:fair, smart, neat
  • Libra:gorgeous, worldly, understanding
  • Scorpio:persistent, mighty, strong
  • Sagittarius:loud, sometimes uncivil, easily distracted
  • Capricorn:arrogant, clever, overestimating
  • Aquarius:cool, musically, humorous
  • Pisces:shy, nervous, confused
The Signs As Cartoon Network Shows
  • Aries:Ed Edd n Eddy
  • Taurus:Adventure Time
  • Gemini:The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • Cancer:Steven Universe
  • Leo:The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Virgo:Regular Show
  • Libra:We Bare Bears
  • Scorpio:Johnny Bravo
  • Sagittarius:Chowder
  • Capricorn:Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Aquarius:Rick and Morty
  • Pisces:Uncle Grandpa
The signs with their best friend:

Practising how to impress your respective crushes: SAGITTARIUS, LIBRA, SCORPIO, CANCER

Getting over excited when you say the same thing at the same time: CAPRICORN, PISCES, CANCER, AQUARIUS

Judging people together: CAPRICORN, SCORPIO, TAURUS, LEO

Goofing around all day everyday: GEMINI, LEO, ARIES, PISCES

Fangirling hardcore together: AQUARIUS, VIRGO, CANCER, SCORPIO

Basically being eachothers third parent: CANCER, TAURUS, PISCES, VIRGO

Trying to cook fancy dinners together (and failing) so you end up ordering pizza: ARIES, SAGITTARIUS, AQUARIUS, GEMINI

Jamming to old songs with no fear: PISCES, TAURUS, SCORPIO, LEO

The signs as things I've texted my partner

Aries: Will this sheeb have my piercings?
Taurus: I farted, and I love you!!!
Gemini: I want a slushy but I’m naked
Cancer: I feel like crying but I also feel p dead and I’m trying to tell if it’s the normal or not
Leo: Guess which shelf is the shelf of shame
Virgo: Can I just say I’m still laughing over the “Eric’s out smoking pot again”
Scorpio: I sold all my stuff
Sagittarius: Gonna fight my uterus
Capricorn: She only tried to escape once today!
Aquarius: I ate wax

Signs as Danganronpa Abridged Thing Quotes
  • Aries:"The first one to die of dehydration just isn't bro enough."
  • Taurus:"I have brase balls, forced in the line of duty as hall monitor."
  • Gemini:"Bitch what did you say about donuts?"
  • Cancer:"This school environment is not welcome in a school environment."
  • Leo:"It has to be the cis white male scum." "I'm Japanese" "Stop derailing my argument with facts!"
  • Virgo:"Let's show those dense mother fuckers some logic, shall we."
  • Libra:"AH! Social interactions, get it away from me."
  • Scorpio:"You all got to know each other good and proper," "awesome now kill each other."
  • Sagittarius:"No, BRO, I do not care that you are a murderer, I do not even care that you are a furry!"
  • Capricorn:"Listen, what we got going on right here, it's gonna go viral on the net
  • Aquarius:"Ok, are you all done making complete ass's of yourselves?"
  • Pisces:"Is this metaphorical murder or literal actual death causing?"