Having trouble remembering what the Signs and planets mean?

Here’s a cheat sheet!

The Zodiac Signs: These key phrases express what the basic nature of each of the signs at their core. Sometimes it’s what most important to them, usually it’s what’s second nature for them to focus on.

  • Aries: I am
  • Taurus: I possess
  • Gemini: I think
  • Cancer: I feel
  • Leo: I will
  • Virgo: I analyze
  • Libra: I balance
  • Scorpio: I desire
  • Sagittarius: I see
  • Capricorn: I use
  • Aquarius: I theorize
  • Pisces: I believe

The Planets: These key phrases express what the basic sphere of personality each planet is designated to.

  • Sun: As a whole, I am- | I behave-
  • Moon: I deal with emotions by- | In order to be happy, I need-
  • Mercury: I communicate through- | I learn by-
  • Venus: I value- | In romance, I-
  • Mars: I am passionate about- | I deal with anger by-
  • Jupiter: I am luckiest when- | I expand through-
  • Saturn: I view my limitations as- | I feel responsible about-
  • Uranus: I rebel- | I progress towards-
  • Neptune: I feel enlightened when- | I lose touch with reality-
  • Pluto: I transform- | I seek power by-

The Houses: These key phrases express the fields of our lives the houses govern.

  • 1st House: Self
  • 2nd House: Possessions
  • 3rd House: Communication
  • 4th House: Home
  • 5th House: Pleasure
  • 6th House: Health
  • 7th House: Partnership
  • 8th House: Sex
  • 9th House: Philosophy
  • 10th House: Social Status
  • 11th House: Friendships
  • 12th House: Subconscious

completely random thoughts about the moon signs

ARIES: firecrackers. will blow up in five seconds and be calm in two. actually incredibly sweet, just also incredibly naive. somehow has their own sort of shady wisdom. will hold the door for people unless they’re walking slow.

TAURUS: soft like silk. does not care about what you’ve done even if they look like they’re judging you. cares about the small things in life. will call you just to talk about whatever. typical green thumbs.

GEMINI: will read past their bedtime. will do anything past their bedtime. actual sweethearts, but with moodswings. so damn funny. always down to go see a movie with you.

CANCER: doesn’t cry at sad movies. internalizes everything. won’t reveal anything about themselves, unless it makes them look good. enjoys a wide variety of food, at all hours of the day.

LEO: high key the most dramatic, but they’ll deny it. wants to talk about themselves all the time, but also the best listeners because they really do care. big hair.

VIRGO: really cares about the aesthetic. will make jokes to ease tension. big huggers, even if they’re awkward about it. notices the details. will win you over with their charm.

LIBRA: will deny they’re upset. organizing as a way of relaxation. wanting people to laugh at them or interact with them. changing their schedules to fit other people in. holding hands as an art form.

SCORPIO: always thinking they’ve found “the one.” highkey romantic. will call you out on your bullshit. doesn’t care if they come across as rude. acts cold but is really very soft and sensitive deep inside.

SAGITTARIUS: spontaneity. will always say thanks. total sweeties. just down for the ride. will make you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed, for no obvious reason. they’re not even that funny.

CAPRICORN: more of a relaxed, chill attitude about life than expected. will take you “shopping” but spend everything on themselves. will smile at strangers. wants people to respect them.

AQUARIUS: literally the biggest goofballs ever. you probably won’t ever see them cry — they cry, just not around you. really wants to trust others and be trusted in return. they feel responsible for the future.

PISCES: so awkward but so smart. either intensely cares about someone/something or doesn’t give one shit. really receptive to others and their environment. will pet random dogs.

growing pains 💔

while the moon sign may reflect direct influences on the native during childhood, it can also represent a lack of some kind which shapes their needs as they age. this may be an alternative upbringing instead of the obvious interpretation

note, to clarify: the native themselves didn’t necessarily “lack” anything, their childhood environment or the people surrounding them did

MOON IN ARIES lacked recognition, reward, profound excitement, spontaneity, or fulfilling risks in their childhood which creates a deep need to out-perform others in order to solidify their worth and individuality; there may have been a consistent absence of stimulation in their environment so that they now seek thrilling unfamiliar experiences (or foster an uncomfortable fear of such). They didn’t feel safe in their identity so now the instincts support the survival of ego.

MOON IN TAURUS lacked material comfort, personal space, luxury, security, or physical affection in their childhood which creates a deep need to acquire their own worldly possessions, wealth, and general abundance in their adult life. They may have “expensive tastes” now because they often “went without” in their youth. There is also a tender longing for sensuality, romance, and sweetness to make up for physical coldness, distance, or lack of attention from the parent(s).

MOON IN GEMINI lacked definitive proof / adequate rationale, communication, and intellectual fulfillment in their childhood which creates a deep need to glean answers out of the world around them; they have to make sense of life or they become anxious. They may have felt invisible and unheard, so now they speak more (or less) than their fair share because they don’t think others listen or care. They constantly felt misunderstood as a kid, so they’re inclined to over-explain.

MOON IN CANCER lacked tenderness, security, emotional attention, or gentle nurturance in their childhood which creates a deep need to either over-protect their emotions or force vulnerable, intimate relationships; they were deprived of true inner safety so now they obsess over it, over-share, cling to those they love and demand the affection & care they require. They can also become repressive and withdrawn, repeating their parents’ neglect and possibly becoming cold.

MOON IN LEO lacked heartfelt praise, attention, encouragement, or creative outlets in their childhood which creates a deep need to dominate the spotlight & remain the focal point (or they have a strong aversion to this & avoid it). Insecurities/nervousness are significant issues that are hard to cope with, and they need cathartic emotional expression (often through art) & positive feedback or they quickly become overwhelmed with self-doubt and feel trapped inside.

MOON IN VIRGO lacked support, guidance, mature & just reasoning, and stable improvement in their childhood which creates a deep need to become their own parent and independently steer themselves toward continual progress. They don’t feel like others are capable of helping them so they have an aversion to asking for it. The immense pressures they felt in their youth to make things run smoothly & achieve success by themselves persist (painfully) in adulthood.

MOON IN LIBRA lacked compromise, interpersonal harmony, and acceptance in their childhood which creates a deep need to perpetually undermine their own desires & emotions to keep others comfortable, consistently making sacrifices so loved ones don’t have to. Their identity may have been shunned, criticized, or judged in their youth, so now they feel like they have to keep things unique to them private & only share what others relate to, to conform to the social climate.

MOON IN SCORPIO lacked honesty, protection, validation, and healing in their childhood which creates a deep need to defend themselves from any external stimuli (person or situation) which they don’t know inside-out; they are highly suspicious because they felt lied to in their youth. They weren’t taught how to cope with or process emotions in a healthy way, so they develop negative patterns of thought and behavior which can become self-destructive.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS lacked profundity, adventure, personal liberty, and truth in their childhood which creates a deep need to explore the world on their own, live without limitation, and discover the meaning of things independently. They strongly reject the realities other people try to force them to live in and avoid being tied down to anything that stifles or confines their expansive psyche for a fear of returning to the draining stagnation they experienced as a kid.

MOON IN CAPRICORN lacked structure, constructive criticism, and respect in their childhood which creates a deep need to force the world around them into a strict order to comfort their anxiety. Constant instability in their youth created a repressive cycle, containing the self to combat their frighteningly un-contained life. They weren’t taught how to gently improve themselves so they seek success & perfection through self-brutalization in pursuit of honor, to be worthy.

MOON IN AQUARIUS lacked forward-thinking, stable logic, and compelling originality in their childhood which creates a deep need to break away from tradition and normalcy, to “stir the pot” and establish an identity unprecedented in their family. They’re determined to invent a new way of life for themselves. There may have been over-emphasis on emotionality which made everything extreme and dramatic, so they disown their feelings to keep level-headed.

MOON IN PISCES lacked compassion, release, kindness, and intuition in their childhood which creates a deep need to manipulate tenderness & support out of their environment, since they had no other way to get it; they may leech it from loved ones for this reason. Emotions were externally suppressed or hidden, so now they require regular catharsis to stay healthy. As a child, they were spiritually & interpersonally uninspired, so now they romanticize to be content.

Important Dates for the Signs in June - 2018

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 9, 10, 29

Taurus: 4, 13, 26

Gemini: 2, 8, 21

Cancer: 4, 15, 24

Leo: 2, 14, 23

Virgo: 11, 19, 22

Libra: 7, 17, 21

Scorpio: 12, 18, 24

Sagittarius: 9, 18, 29

Capricorn: 6, 15, 19

Aquarius: 10, 22, 29

Pisces: 4, 14, 25

Signs as Kid Gorgeous Quotes

Aries: “And you replied, “Hey, do you want me to kill that guy for you? Because it sounds like he totally sucks and I will totally kill that guy for you.”

Taurus: She said,You can make fun of me, just don’t say that I’m a bitch and that you don’t like me.I was likeWhoa, the bar is so much lower than I ever imagined, that’s it?!

Gemini: “I’ve never really cared about politics. But then, last November, the craziest thing happened.”

Cancer: “I was raised to be nice to everyone in every situation because you never know their story. A lot of people don’t seem that nice and they seem to be doing fine in the world.”

Leo: “I lived like a goddamn ninja turtle.”

Virgo: “I was in Connecticut recently, doing white people stuff.”

Libra: “Like years later, I’d be in college about to go down on this rocking twink and I’d be like, “Wait a second…what would Leonard Bernstein do?”

Scorpio: “I was like top three colleges? I thought I’d be dead in a trunk with my hand hanging out of the taillight by now.”

Sagittarius: “Oh, you mean like having friends?”

Capricorn: “College was like a four-year game show called Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need to Go to Sleep? But instead of winning money, you lose $120,000.”

Aquarius: “My dad is so weird. I’d love to meet him someday.”

Pisces: “She’s my hero. When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It’s exhausting.”

Soulmates and the Signs

Soulmates and the Signs

Aries – Does not give the impression but believes in finding a special someone that can match their independent nature. Of course, they will not mind being alone because they thrive without needing others around. Their ideal would be someone who relates to them emotionally and physically. When they have found the one, they will be the most vulnerable, just like a Scorpio in love. The Aries will do their best to cherish their partner but if all goes awry… be ready for the fury.

Taurus – Their soulmate would have to provide them with confidence and understand their deepest needs. They do not appreciate those who betray them, so they like to keep their hearts guarded until the perfect person comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Taurus will give their partner the sky, the stars and the moon if need be. This partner will stick by you through thick and thin.

Gemini – Always thinks about who will come into their life and who will be the best for them. They can focus on someone one day and when another pops in, they can easily discard the original. This is not because they are heartless but because they just always think about the ONE in a dreamy way.

Cancer – Believes that their soulmate will arrive but the timing will always be off. Cancer opens their hearts to those around them, which can make them prone to heartbreaks and learning lessons. What is admirable is that they will still continue to live and have fun, ready to open their hearts once more to the euphoria of love.

Leo – Like the Gemini, the Leo might grow tired of a mate because in their mind there is always someone just better out there. When they find their soulmate, they will be showering them with gifts, love and protection. Their ego will subside as they devote themselves fully to the one they love.

Virgo – Love is practical for the Virgo, but they are huge romantics (they just will never tell you). The Virgo wants a soulmate who understands them at the telepathic level. They will not need to reassure their love that they indeed adore them because they want them to just KNOW. When the person comes into their lives, they will be put together and not turn into a project for the Virgo to fix. Their Soulmate will help them evolve and find true love within themselves as well.

Libra – Their persona masks break and you finally see the real person behind the beauty. They expose their soul to you. Their heart is in your palm and all they want is the reassurance that you will be there for them through thick and thin. Libra will feel whole, complete and renewed when they have found the partner they have dreamt of. It is also easy for them to escape with them and start fresh away from the world.

Scorpio – They want loyalty and someone they can trust. When Scorpio opens up and surrenders themselves to someone that they think is their soulmate, they become vulnerable. This is a dangerous place for the Scorpio to be in because it makes them susceptible to emotional destruction and ruin. If the Scorpio you love does this with you, respect them and protect them because you will have a loving partner for life. Their loyalty will transcend space and time.

Sagittarius – It is hard for Sagittarius to fall in love, but it is easy for them to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with others. When they realize that their hedonistic lifestyle will have to come to an end, this is when they do some introspection to see if it is worth giving up their freedom to stay with someone they care for. The Sagittarius is willing to “chain” themselves in a commitment with someone that they deem as the one. Their heart will long for this person in ways that will drive them mad. If this relationship were to end, they would be the ones hit the hardest and the recovery process would strike them harder.

Capricorn – Practical like the Virgo, Capricorn seeks stability and reassurance. Their heart can be stone but when in love, it melts into something potent that will make you wish you were bound to them. The person that they love will make them become selfless and devoted. The protector will become their new role because they treat their soulmates as if they were the gifts from the heavens.

Aquarius – Loyalty is what this fixed sign looks for. They will generally be aloof when they are out of love, but once they have fallen, they will become subservient and will shower you with emotions and devotion. The Aquarius falls hard when they think that they have found the one. The cockiness fades, their hearts soften, and they will let you know that they are here for you. This is a love that feels mystical for both parties involved.

Pisces – Their love is not in this realm because they can easily think that they are in love with everyone they have dated. The Pisces, like the Gemini will fall easily in love and vanish when other prospects present themselves. This can make them selfish and known heartbreakers. They have idealized and romanticized a version of love that is not achievable in this plane and that is a truth that they do not want to face.

Aries Rising: Has a lot of enthusiastic energy towards associates and casual friends. Is open about meeting new people and letting others into their life. Shows their individuality clearly to all. Anger or passionate feelings show early on in relationships or even to strangers. With an Aries Rising one can be in or out of favor with them quickly.

Taurus Rising: Slower to open up emotionally and vulnerably but is approachable. Can view people as resources or have a practical approach to others, is patient and calm in more shallow relationships, can have a possessive view about the world, which can manifest in many different ways. Taurus Rising appreciates beauty and the physical, this carries over to when they are getting to know someone.

Gemini Rising: Usually very social but is ultimately more detached when first getting to know others. This person is talkative, funny, and interesting but takes a bit to get close to.They do well with networking, navigating groups, is flexible in “fitting in”, and is observant.  Duality can be seen in a Gemini Rising, usually via becoming distant and elusive vs. being highly attentive and involved with those they are still getting to know or are not close with.

Cancer Rising: Usually on the shyer side or is reserved. They take a while to open up and get close to. They can be sensitive and reclusive with acquaintances or more shallow connections. They may attract others with a bit of mystery or emotional appeal. A Cancer Rising can swing from being softly approachable to being closed off and prickly. Emotional biases could seep through their adaptable and pulled back exterior.

Leo Rising: Is usually a very warm and extroverted person on the surface. In more shallow relationships doesn’t want to ever be looked down upon and tries to impress. They can be generous to those they aren’t close to. Leo Rising might keep anyone threatening to their individuality or strength at arms length.

Virgo Rising: Can be shy or quiet, cares a lot about first impressions, critical or bluntness can come out in how they see the world, easygoing with associates or casual friends, remembers details about people they meet, and knows what they expect out of others. Virgo Rising gives practical advise to really anyone in their life. They are picky about who they truly get close to but is helpful to acquaintances, coworkers, and maybe strangers.

Libra Rising: Can seem like everyone’s friend and approaches more shallow relationships with charm, persuasion, and mellowness. Relating to others is shown clearly but emotions and desires are not shown unless someone truly knows them/is very close. Libra Rising is personable but when people try to get close they tend to turn elusive and maybe distant. Those who compliment them, romance them, or confront their deep or emotional side can get in.

Scorpio Rising: Can be hard to read or figure out for some. In more shallow relationships they are reserved and private. When they do get closer to people they want to discover them and can be driven by mystery or fascination. Feels uncomfortable with surface level. Despite their reserved nature can be influential and magnetic in more superficial bonds/networking. Their intensity is usually felt rather than seen by peers.

Sagittarius Rising: Tends to be open towards meeting new people and making new friends. They accept all types of people, their attention can be grabbed by someone interesting, and some can be easily impressed. They have a heart-on-their-sleeve approach to more shallow relationships. Sagittarius Rising has an optimistic view towards others. They can be easily fooled or taken advantage of in more superficial connections. They prefer fun casualness and is serious or gets closer when meaning is created in a bond.

Capricorn Rising: Is dependable and responsible with casual pals, associates, and especially coworkers. They can be practical towards getting to know others, only getting close if there is a gain by doing so (this isn’t always a materialistic or status gain). They can be cold and hard when you try to peer in closer at  them. They open their doors when others are patient and trustworthy.

Aquarius Rising: Tends to approach almost everyone in the same way, maybe this is viewing everyone as a friend or in a professional way. They try to get to the core of the individual when getting to know someone. Aquarius Rising are distant and can get indifferent when people try to pressure or pursue, usually emotionally.

Pisces Rising: Can lack boundaries when it comes to casual relationships and getting to know others. They tend to attract people who need healing/are wounded. They can be easily swayed by acquaintances and peers. Is intuitive towards the outer world. Pisces Rising can be vague and hard to pin down. They can get lost in impressions and might be changeable in how they approach a peer or acquaintance day by day.