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I was at the Baltimore aquarium the other day with my friend, and we got to one of the very big tanks of the Amazon region with a very large variety of fish. Next to me there was a little kid with his grandmother and he pointed at a fish saying “look grandma, that fish is so weird, it’s so weird” and she replied, “oh no, honey, it’s not weird, it’s just different from what we’re used to. You can hurt the fish’s feelings that way”.
I thought this was worth mentioning because she said it in such a calming manner, that the kid got the message right away. It made me very happy.
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Summary: Hapalochlaena lunulata: the pacific blue-ringed octopus is one of the world’s deadliest creatures. There is no known cure for its toxin, and it is considered extremely dangerous. Ordinarily, this species consumes crab and small fish, but as you know, our specimen is anything but ordinary.

On Display at the Baltimore Aquarium: Hannibal the Cannibal.

Written for @hannibalcreative​ #ReleaseTheCrackin event, and despite the title and rating, I swear to you there is NO TENTACLE PORN. Sorry if that disappoints, but there is always next time ;-)

Beta’ed by @wolftrapqueen27.
Rating: explicit in chapter 3


I know what you are thinking: Why, Red? Why are you doing this to us? 


LOOK AT THE THING! Is that not the most Extra Octopus you have ever seen!? It’s exactly the species of octopus Hannibal would be. Search your feelings. You know it to be true! 

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creative commons attributions: blue-ringed octopus by Angel Williams; baltimore aquarium by Robert Williams; red coral by Albert Plawinski

Ocellate river stingray or motoro ray.

We so often envision stingrays as saltwater animals, that it can be rough for many to imagine that there are freshwater stingrays like the motoro. This doesn’t mean the home hobbyist should go out and snatch one up for their own tank. Freshwater rays can be just as sensitive and large growing as their saltwater cousins, and they also come equipped with a stinging barb.

Newton’s Third Law (1/1)

Newton’s Third Law

Rating: T

“Who the hell sends a pregnant lady on a scavenger hunt?!”

Henry is the one who shows him.

Emma makes sure Killian has all the pragmatic knowledge of the 21st century (showers, cell phones, google, photographs, the microwave) and fills him in on contemporary culture via Thursday movie nights with her kid, her pirate, and herself bundled up with pizza and Netflix.

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to the anon who wanted to see my shark collection

In the stack from bottom to top;
Sharky (from IKEA), bank shark (from target), LWS (from amazon), smiley shark (from candy kitchen), blue ass shark (from Baltimore aquarium), bonnie shark (from aquarium), tuna shark (from a toy store in New York), sharky baby (from aquarium), and pocket shark (from Barnes and noble)

Not pictured: my three shark shirts, shark shorts and pants, fast shark (a swimming toy) and a shark keychain