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The native tank.

Photos 1&2: The tank and some of the aquatic flora

Photo 3: The land side acts as a small waterfall/filter with Creeping Charlie and Clover

Photo 4: A native bottom-feeding fish I can’t recall the name of (Update! It is a darter from the Etheostoma family, thanks @fishmostly!)

Photo 5: Bullfrog tadpole

Southern scientist: What in causation?
Southern veterinarian: What in castration?
Southern aquarium enthusiast: What in filtration?
Southern economist: What in inflation?
Southern hot air balloon pilot: What in deflation?
Southern oceanographer: What in crustacean?

Like I said, before, everyone and their mom has thought of merpeople AUs for VLD. But I just couldn’t help myself, as I’ve loved these creatures, since I was young(er). Long before I ever got into any fandoms.

This time, I’ve a handful, for two couples:


- Allura was born in a laboratory, as opposed to the sea. Her cells grown in a tube, made so that they could be spliced with those of a pink angelfish.

- The pink angelfish are a man-made species, genetically engineered with bio luminescence, for the purpose of selling them to aquarium enthusiasts. No telling what Allura’s next stop would’ve been, but she likely would be placed on display, in a public gathering.

- Unfortunately, due to it being illegal to own such fish, they all had to be sold to certain markets. When the laboratory’s unlawful activities were discovered, the scientists rushed to come up with a plan to get rid of the evidence.

- Before they could be caught, the scientists dumped all of the fish into the ocean, and discarded Allura with them.

- Life in the ocean is difficult, at first. Nothing at all like the quiet, calm lab she spent most of her life in. But she soon adapted. And is now princess of all the angelfish. As well as the other glowing, lovely things, found in the sea.

- Pidge, meanwhile, is an eelmaiden, usually a solitary creature who keeps the company of other eels.

- She spends most of her days studying the bits and pieces of technology that humans have left behind. And sometimes, enchanting them with her specialized magic, that then brings them back to life.

- It takes the girls a little while to get warmed up to each other. A lot of it having to do with earning Pidge’s trust.

- But once they both open up, they are frequently seen with one another. Pidge adores Allura’s glowing angelfish. <333


- Rather than the ocean, they live in a medium sized, local freshwater pond.

- Hunk is a goldfish merman, and Keith is a red koi fish merm.

- They are basically inseparable. The only time you see one without the other is when one has to go foraging for food, and the other doesn’t feel like it.

- Laying on the pond floor and watching frogs jump over their heads is one of their favorite pastimes. You can see them right through the lily pads.

- As well as sitting atop the biggest rock, late at night, and watching fireflies dance all around. <3

- Though it’s usually a quiet habitat, a few tourists crop up to see the scenery, every now and again. It gets even more crowded, when locals start spreading rumors about real, actual merfolk living in the waters.

- Keith is not at all happy about all the attention they’re getting.

- Realizing this, Hunk makes it a habit to jump out of the water and scare the more easily frightened tourists. Pretty easy to do, considering his size and the fact that merpeople have an impressive set of fangs. Thirty-four in total, actually.

- While it doesn’t get rid of them all, Keith is very appreciative of Hunk’s protective gesture. Who could ask for a better, more caring merman BF?

Add on, if you like.