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Hello Emma. What is the best thing you ever done with Daddy Amari? :)

“Papa and I do lots of fun stuff together! I really like it when me and Papa and Frate go to the park and play together or when Papa gets to stay at home for a while and we can have tea parties together. Sometimes Papa also takes me out to eat things like ice cream! My favorite flavor is strawberry!

But, um, I think my favorite thing I did with Papa was go to the aquarium! There were lots of fish and it was really cool like I was underwater! There were no dolphins though. But Papa told me really cool things about all the fish! Did you know that flatfish ca-cama-camoufla… disguise themselves on the ocean floor?”


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Meulin hearing is not good, 
Unless the ground shaking a lot, 
Or she would not find anything unusual, 

Disciple could be a reporter or photographer, 
Usually shoot a lot of pictures of animals, 
Also report suspected animal abuse thing. 

She saw meulin description of dugong head with mushrooms, 
they should ask some people who work in the aquarium.