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Daddy-Daughter Date

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“A what?” you asked, taking your attention away from the TV and laundry to give your husband, Hoseok, your full attention.

“A daddy-daughter date,” he chuckles, before placing a kiss on your cheek. “You love going on dates with me, so I figured Ha-eun would too.”

“Well that a given,” you snort, causing him to laugh more.

“I do plan the best dates don’t I?” You used the shirt you were folding to smack him, which make him laugh more before giving you another kiss, this time on your lips.

“She has preschool tomorrow though,” you inform him.

“Ha-eun doesn’t have to go, my love.”

“Why does this sound familiar?” you smirk.

“Cause I got you to skip some classes,” he nods his head, “and call in to work a few times.”

“You are a bad influence,” you smile at him before kissing along his jaw line to his ear. “So very bad,” you whisper.

“Is this a yes?” he groans. His hands grip your thighs and move you so you are straddling him. When you continue your kissing assault on his neck instead of answering, Hoseok gently grabs your face and make you look at him. “Jagiya?”

“Only if I get a date too,” you pout.

“You can have as many dates as you want,” he laughs, surging up to kiss your pout away before flipping you onto your back on the couch. “Starting right now, my queen.”


“Are you ready princess?” Hoseok smiles down at his little girl, her mouth open wide as she takes in the Aquarium. When she doesn’t answer he gives the hand he is holding a little shake. “Well Ha-eun, you ready to go in?” his smile grows.

“Go Daddy! We go!” she squeals and begins jumping around.

“Of course princess,” They walk towards the entrance, Hoseok reminding himself to walk slower than he normally did so Ha-eun could easily keep up, especially since she wasn’t so much as walking as it was bouncing. “Mommy was excited when I brought her here too,” he chuckles.

“When did you bring mommy here?” Ha-eun asks.

“Well,” Hoseok picks her up so she can get a look inside the first tank, “it was when we first started dating. I decided to bring her here so she could see all the fishies and I could watch her beautiful face light up like a thousand stars.”

“Daddy watch me too?”

“Of course,” Hoseok points to the tank, “you enjoy seeing them and I’ll watch my princess’s beauty outshine them, just like her mommy did.”

“Okay!” Ha-eun turns her attention away from her daddy and finally to the beautiful rainbow like fish that graced the entrance’s view.


“You’re only supposed to pet the fishes, not swim with them,” Hoseok gently scolds his daughter as he changes her pants, socks and shoes out for one of the spares he had in the backpack.

“But how am I supposed to pet them when they swim away?” Ha-eun pouts.

“You just wait for more to come over.”

“But they take forever!” she whines. Hoseok chuckles as he puts her wet clothes in a plastic bag and stuffs them into the backpack. “They did Daddy!” she whines louder.

“Ok baby,” he smiles, “I believe you.” After putting the backpack back on he picks her up and gives her a kiss on the forehead. “How about we look at the fishes that can swim over our heads?”

“Over our head?!” she squeals.

“Yup, over our heads.” Hoseok walks out the bathroom and heads for the tanks that have a tunnel for observation. “All colorful fishes live there, and even sharks.”

“Sharks?!” Ha-eun gasps.

“Don’t worry, they are nice sharks.” He continues to tell her all about the tanks and the fishes as he makes his way there.

“Close your eyes baby girl,” he tells her as he stops at the entrance to the exhibit.

“Why Daddy?”

“It makes it more magical that way.” Feeling the need to add more he continues. “Mommy even said so.”

“Okay Daddy!” Ha-eun closes her eyes real tight, her face scrunching up as she does.

“When Daddy says to, open your eyes ok?” he kisses her nose and then covers her eyes with his own hand.

Ha-eun’s little hands come up to press his hand further against his face. “Okay!”

“So cute,” he whispers to himself, “just like her mommy.” Hoseok continues into the exhibit and steps onto the conveyor. He watches for when it looks like the tunnel is opening up to uncover her eyes.

“Okay, open your eyes!” Hae-eun’s delightful cry and the clasping of her hands makes Hoseok grin ear to ear and steal a kiss.

“Daddy!” she whines and pushes his face out of her view.

“I stole a kiss from Mommy here too,” he informs her and kisses her again.

“Stealing is bad,” she scolds.

“Mommy didn’t seem to mind,” he snickers. “Mommy loves when I steal kisses.”

Ha-eun’s brows forrow as she takes in the information. Suddenly she kisses Hoseok. His shocked but happy look makes her laugh. “Stealing kisses are fun.”

“Yes,” he cuddles her closer, “but you can only steal them from Mommy and Daddy. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she giggles and turns her attention back to the fishes with a demand to go again since Daddy made her miss them.

“Best daddy-daughter date ever.”


IMG_2238 by Jeanne Park
Via Flickr:
Moon Jellies at COEX Aquarium, Seoul, Korea

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Singapore just keeps on giving

dan and phil probably arent even in singapore anymore but like.. im still thinking about it! im still contemplating whether or not that aquarium selfie was real!

megaquagsire  asked:

Should I be worried if I see animals pacing/swimming in endless circles in zoos/aquariums? I can't imagine its a normal behavior. I always find it very depressing, but how worrying should it be?

This is a really good question! The answer is complicated because you, as an observer, probably don’t have a way to tell if what you’re looking at is a problem or not.

For instance, at the place I volunteer, when I get off shift I always go say hi to our tigers. One is almost always pacing restlessly at a part of the fence in the back. It looks sad, until you realize that’s where her shift door is into the night dens and that I get off-shift right around when her keepers routine puts them in that building cleaning and serving breakfast. So she’s not agitated - she’s excited because she can hear people in her space and knows that it means food and new enrichment is coming. But if you’re not able to tell where the hidden door is, or you don’t work there and know the routine, you’d have no way to know!

Some animals in captivity do develop what are called stereotypic behaviors that can manifest in things like repetitive pacing and head-swinging. It was much more common in older zoos and is most often seen in bad facilities these days, or in animals who were kept in bad conditions and have been moved since - stereotypies often don’t go away once established. It’s normally caused by an environment lacking stimulation or social interactions, but can also be from stress.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be stereotypical behavior every time you see it, though. An animal being medicated for an ear infection will shake it’s head more than normal. I know of a seal who developed neurological problems as she grew to be ancient and would often sit and perform repetitive behaviors absentmindedly due to that. I once saw a cheetah pacing frantically at a fence and was distressed until I turned around and saw that her companion dog was within sight, doing a presentation with a handler. You never know if an animal is stress pacing or if they know it’s the time of day they get a training session full of junk food.

Giving you an answer on aquariums is harder because most aquatic animals have to swim to breathe and their movements will be determined by tank shape. Seeing a shark going in circles is totally normal, but seeing an eel leave its stationary hiding spots to swim laps is definitely indicative of something weird.

Luckily, in today’s zoos, it’s less worrying to see these behaviors than 50 years ago. Our quality of care and understanding of the animals’ needs has improved drastically. Stereotypic behavior still happens but not nearly on the scale it used to. Rather than worrying, I would ask a staff member what you’re seeing - it’s likely interesting and not what you’d think.


Shinagawa Aquarium: Moon Jellyfish by Dick Thomas Johnson
Via Flickr:
しながわ水族館 ミズクラゲ