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guess who showed up to my dorm room this morning faith??????? fucking nemo!!!! and while i was still sleeping, he called my roommates to let him in, and he cooked me breakfast because he felt bad that i was sick yesterday like i think i'm going to marry this guy, and marriage scares the shit out of me so that's huge - aa (still crying about this 4 hours later because no one has ever cared about me this much wow)

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he cooked you breakfast i’m dead that’s so fucking sweet!!! i’m crying y’all are my real and true otp i hope things continue to be lovely and this fucking pure between you and nemo i’m so ??? i hope you’re feeling better today sweet aquarium anon <333

tell me about your crushes! (honestly just talk to me)


I can say them in order to help young feferi, 

In looking for other mertroll clues in different locations and at different times 

But also help animals released into the wild, 

Like polar or tropical rainforest 

They occasionally come back Aquarium 

pissiioniic see the ocean at a particular group of strange animals contaminated by the oil spill, 

In the process, the cruise suddenly capsized, he disappeared


meulin and her family went a resort nearby have manatee habitat,
She knew manatees like fresh water, 

During the holiday, 
She put some water every day to visit manatees, 
But one day she saw a small dugong, 
She thought it’s tail is injured, because it is forked 
In fact manatees and dugongs living habitat is different, 
It just got lost. 

(horuss want some fresh water, although his father said not too close to humans. )