With elegant fluttering arms, it’s the Indonesian Sea Nettle, in the column tank at the entrance of the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall. ~ ​新江ノ島水族館(Enoshima Aquarium)


Octopus escaped New Zealand aquarium, is probably coming for you next

In April Inky the octopus tentacled his way down a drainpipe and into the ocean, also to freedom. Aquarium staff aren’t exactly sure how Inky escaped his watery prison, but it assuredly involved him sneaking through an impossibly small space. Because they have neither endo- nor exoskeletons, octopi can do this — it also doesn’t hurt that they’re essentially geniuses.

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Japanese designer Haruka Misawa turned the humble goldfish bowl into a whimsical work of functional art. The upside-down bowl makes no difference to the fish, who happily swim around and inside of it. But the inversion creates an air bubble inside the fishbowl that enables aquatic plants to grow and provide a natural source of food for the fish.

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Floating chambered nautilus. They move up and down in the water by changing their buoyancy, filling compartments in their shells with air and then removing it.


Monterey. California.