the new tank is almost complete!

sadly i misread the box and it only included the tank, hood, filter, water conditioner, a packet of flake food, and some info booklets - no heater or air pump. but that’s okay! my tap water temperature is about 60 - 70°F and up so that worked out just fine. the tank is currently at a steady 78°F c:

i do still need a few live plants, some substrate, and a new decoration or two, but other than that i have everything i need for now! thank you guys so much.

water has been added and treated, thermometer and filter are installed, LEDs are hooked up to the tank hood :D

it’s now cycling and under construction while finn rests and recovers in his old 1.5 gallon bowl aquarium, which will serve as his hospital tank until he’s ready to move.

People ask me why I find myself hopelessly in love with biology and want to major in genetics. Here’s why:

I have this fish tank. A glass box of water I put sand and rocks in. But the point of a fish tank are the things that are alive. I have plants that reach outstretched hands to the light and grow to the barrier between the clear fluid they live in and the clear gas we breathe. In one single leaf so much chemistry takes place, photosynthesis makes ungraspable light into life supporting substance.

And in my fish tank I have a fish. A fish that can be found lifeless in cups in pet stores, but I’ve seen this fish thrive. I’ve seen him change color due to jumping genes. I’ve seen him play in the filter meaning he makes decisions. Something so small exists and lives and makes choices. It baffles me, truly. Such vibrant color that I can only compare to something man made and yet it was nature that did it first.

I see this little world that I have placed on my shelf. Cared for by me; dependent on me. It amazes me the human emotion I have for them, and how far humanity has gone that I can dose the tank and manage it on a delicate scale.

And sometimes I wonder, what if we exist on a glass box on someone’s shelf? One way glass we can’t look out, but if we could, everything would be different? What if we are all a fragment of someone’s novel or a C+ science project? Life is so so amazing, it’s baffling.