——-Delete the text and I will find you and cut up all your clothes and steal all of your food——-

Hello lovelies! I hereby present to you my first ever faves page! Woohoo!! I will be choosing 10-20 blogs, depending on how I feel, and they will be presented on this page as VS models!


  • Please be following me(no chance of getting picked if you’re not)
  • Reblog this post.
  • Preferably be active!


  • A spot on my faves page (still under construction)
  • Unlimited promos, but please be reasonable.
  • Help with voting/html/anything else
  • A follow back from me, and new followers
  • A new friend! Yay!

Higher Chance:

  • Talk to me! I don’t bite and love making new friends!!! c:
  • Be active!
  • Reblog this 17378483837 times!
  • Be a fresh/modern/neon blog, but all blogstyles considered
  • Tag a post with #aquariax or #aquariaxfaves explaining why you think I should choose you and what model you would want to be!
  • Follow my instagram @eszterszab0, then message me with you username!


  • The banner was made by eauceanity
  • I will be choosing when I’m happy with the notes
  • You can check my updates tab for updates about the date I’ll be choosing!

Good luck my darlings! May the odds be ever in your favour!