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I love Aquarians. something that ive learned is they are SOO generous, big hearted and open minded. But if you mess with them or don't see things the way they do...wooo-ee are they the MEANEST, cold, narrow minded people you will meet. Don't ever take their generosity for granted

Also they can be manipulative and self centered af they are walking contradictions tbh


People who are strongly Aquarian or Piscean in temperament, who have not yet developed a purpose which permits them participation in larger expression, are often lost creatures, and it is perhaps more difficult for this kind of temperament now because the idea of group consciousness is not yet a reality
—  Liz Greene

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Signs that an Aquarius isn't interested in you anymore

• They stopped caring. Stopped making sure you were okay when you seem even the tiniest bit off.
• When they come back from being distant, it still feels like they’re being distant. (Meaning coming back from a term of isolationism, they return and keep you at an arms length).
• Stops talking to you about their philosophy
• Lots of Aquarian’s lose interest because they feel or are scared the other is losing interest. Make sure you aren’t putting out that vibe.

The hippie and punk scenes were not all that different. Most folks think hippie culture and punk culture were diametrically opposed, when in fact, they shared many of the same qualities: anti-establishment, rock and roll as religion, radical fashions, hair style as political statement, a sense of being part of an underground community, shaking up the status quo, guerilla theater. Rock and roll was central to both scenes. Is there really a whole lot of difference between the The Seeds, Mothers Of Invention, The Ramones and The Dictators? Or Television, Love, Patti Smith and The Doors. You can segue from The Music Machine right into The Clash without missing a beat. On the socio-political front, some say the hippies were idealists and the punks were nihilists. Ok, in this area, there are some significant differences between the hippies and punks and it boils down to drugs and spirituality. Hippies were into raising consciousness through spiritual paths and psychedelics and getting back to the land. The punk scene was more about booze, harder drugs, urban living and cynicism. But, the punk scene also had it’s Aquarian side, The Clash, Patti Smith and Dead Kennedys were idealists with visions of a better and more just world. Joe Strummer and Jello were once teenage hippies. Patti has always been a hippie. And even The Ramones had dreamed of a world redeemed by rock and roll. And Joey was a teenage hippie hanging in Greenwich village in the Sixties

I’d argue (and I’d be right), that the hippie movement had a more profound and long lasting impact on culture than the punk scene. Both changed rock and roll. But, the hippies changed everything. Some assholes are loathe to admit it it, but hippies pioneered a new consciousness/dialogue that set certain movements into motion: environmentalism, political activism, awareness about what we eat and natural healing, sexual openness, tolerance, new art, new music, computer technology (most of the cats who developed computer technology were acidheads. The 60s changed the way we SEE things. We live in a world that got psychedelicized. You didn’t have to take acid to have been affected by it. Everybody got turned on whether they knew it or not.

—  Marc Cambell

aquarians can feel information like vibrations. the pathway toward illuminating individuality can be solitary and isolated for aquarius, often they intuition is so highly charged it can be impossible to sublimate into normality. but aquarius is typically dearly loved. they have tremendous wit, heart, and raising energy

Aquarius Dances 

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Saturn’s ring encircles Aquarius like a glowstick, illuminating the cherished mind and spiritual saviour. Between two mermaids she hovers in the clouds, guarding the ocean she mastered as the sea goat, watching the sea mother of Pisces teach her the way of dream. Aquarius is an adventurer, a wanderer, the mind knows no boundaries, its curiosity and intuition gliding between cerebral playgrounds and elevating social experiences. Aquarians lift people, they are light on their feet, pulled by the winds of thought, dangling between the stars they reside with at night. The earth child frolics through a turquoise sea and rainbow jungle, singing telepathic love to every plant, animal, and spirit. Saturn wisdom emanates from her like she is the earth mother, as she exhales into the air she breathes, love, light, and elevation. Aquarians can be brilliant, they can write books and end wars, they can teach, nurse, psychoanalyse, or save. They can nurture growth, whisper to nature, and feel the blessing of cosmic love surrounding them at all times. Twirling daisies from clouds, laughing peace and utopia, Aquarius rides the lagoon into paradise.


Non-stereotyped aquarius

In this post I’m going to explain where the sterotypes about aquarius come from and what the true traits and meanings of aquarius are.

Soo the stereotypes of aquarius are:

They like everything that’s super weird.

They are super weird.

They hate everything that’s normal

They’re huge hipsters.

They’re associated with aliens

Aquarius lives in a fairytale

Well these were the main things I guess. It is understandable where such stereotypes come from if we look at aquarius very basicly, but they aren’t entirely correct. Now lets take a look at their actual traits:

Aquarius wants to change the world.

Aquarius is associated with technology, revolution, and improvement.

Aquarius is very idealistic.

Aquarius is a very interesting person according to others.

Aquarius is unique.

Aquarius wants to develop the world and themselves.

Aquarius wants to stand above human behaviour.

Aquarius easily shuts out any emotion.

Aquarius is rational.

Aquarius is inventive

Aquarius only wants to do it their way.

So these non-stereotyped traits turned out quite different. Lets explain them a little more.

Aquarius is an air sign which means that they’re an intellectual sign. In aquarius we notice this often as dreamyness. Aquarius is idealistic. They dream about the perfect world and the reason why aquarius is associated with technology is because they’re very manifestative. Aquarius has thought about any kind of technology long before it was actually invented.

Besides this idealisation of the world we live in, they’re idealistic about mankind aswell. They tend to believe that any kind of human behaviour that we don’t control is a bad thing. So they want to stand above emotions and needs. If they go to far in this they can get very blokked which leads to depression, something aquarians must watch out for.

The reason why people see Aquarius as weird, or always being different is because aquarians are always a few steps ahead of everything. They like to show their creativity and inventivity in the way they look and act.

Aquarians are very good at smalltalk, so good that it takes them just a few words to change from the weather to their deepest thoughts and opinions. They like to shock people all the time aswell. many people fall for this and like the many sides of aqua’s intellect.

Aquarius is the sign that stands for individual thinking and thus they are the revolutionary sign.

This was all I wanted to say about aquarius! If you think I’ve missed something, have a question about it or want to know anything else, just message us!
Thank you so much for reading have a nice day!