How To Roleplay Tips: Eridan Ampora

      This HTR Session is for Eridan Ampora of the Homestuck series placed in the MSPA multiverse. This will cover the usual mistakes people pull when they’re attempting to roleplay the character, and how to avoid or correct them.

      Please remember to read the disclaimer at the end before complaining! As I always say, learn the rules, know the spirit of the rules, and then you can break them knowing what you do. Anything can be done with enough backstory, reasoning, and theory, and sometimes this is where the best RPs come from.


Eridan Ampora from Homestuck
Basic character information can be found here.

       Alright so, you want to play Eridan Ampora huh? Well first things first, get your head out of the bucket. Some of the more common mistakes I see done with this character are what I’m covering, plus a run down on his personality as directly noted from his logs.

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Aquarius in love

Aquarius - Aquarius prefers to forge a friendship first and usually prefer the live apart relationship for as long as they can. Love generates many overwhelming and confusions to an Aquarius, emotions which they struggle to read, this often makes them lose their rationality. Aquarians love love, but guard their independence fiercly

I am so fucking sick of these aries-centric astrology posts, are we in the age of aries? NO. NI WE’RE FUCKING NOT we are in the age of Aquarius, A-QWARE-E-US, Aquarius should be the first sign and I have fucking had it with the god damn astrological conspiracy of oppression, it is time for us Aquarians to liberate these heathens and smash the fucking orthodoxy of the astrological system!

Aquarian Woman?

Aquarius: Ruler of the 11th house of ‘Friendship’

And doesn’t even have any close friends.

Relationships scare her, because others tend to be 'too-attached’.

She hardly even understands how to express negative feelings.

She is a void in which she chooses to feel, because of inadequate feelings of others.

She’s gorgeous, and she knows it.

A lot of guys love her.

Her past will randomly pop up in her head duringirelevent times.

She is highly sensitive to other emotions, and tends to absorbs those in need so she can help them.

She is artistic and or talented due to deep passions.

She is someone who stands up against authority or has strong belief’s!

She is terribly stubborn.